greddy 18g turbo kit

i have a 92 AC integra and was wondering if anyone new any thing good or bad bout bout the greddy 18g turbo kit. :manual:


greddy doesnt make a turbo kit for the da chassis integra.
i can get you a good deal on greddy, and turbonetics turbos. go to my homepage with 7025618373 as your log-in ID.

I have a B16 with the greddy kit from an Si in my car. It runs great. The only mod that you have to do is cut the sides of the engine compartment to fit the intercooler pipes. The greddy kits work, but you will have to play with the pipes a little. Nothing a quick trip to the muffler shop cant fix.

this isnt meant to jack ur thread, but dude what can you get me the shifter bushings with the part number 16.1011 for? email me at thanks :manual:

i will call and get prices for you.
i have it all written down, and i will e-mail it back to you.
i have had a death in the family, so just give me a couple days to get back to you.
energy suspension, or prothane?