Greddy E-manage: your experiences?

I’ve searched for info about the emanage on here already, not much so here goes.

I’m planning to use the greddy e manage fuel management piggyback for my turbo setup. It’s a relatively simple low boost setup because I will be running stock internals until i have time and money to beef up everything else. There will be no more than 7psi of boost on a stock internal B17A motor. compression 9.7:1. The injectors will be upgraded to 450cc and fuel pressure will be increased to 41psi from stock 38psi. I will have an upgraded intank fuel pump and i already own a laptop. I just need to find a wideband for tuning

Has anyone had experience with the e-manage system?
If so, how is the learning curve?
How is your fuel economy based on your setup?
Compared to a VAFC with 450cc injectors, would you consider the emanage being better? in what way?

I know a lot of ppl like hondata, great management unit, prollie one of the best but i don’t have the $$$.

So for the price of a emanage 7-800 CDN, (with the extra goodies from the optional parts) you can tune injectors, ignition, air flow, even real time data logging. Not bad for the price if you ask me.

Thx to any replies.

well emanage is pretty sweet, i’ve heard nothing but good things.

But once you own a honda you can chip, tune, datalog your ecu… it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s fun… you could tune all (except airflow) with uberdata, so my advice… learn how to sodder, go to and do some research…

To chip and datalog, to do it all myself i’ve got 70$ into it… and that’s buying the good tools…

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