Greddy turbo Kits

so i have talkin with some friends and i might be able to peice together a group buy for a greddy turbo kit, i was wondering what the interest might be in one of these?

none cuz it sucks
but yah they dont make kits for the da that im aware of
u would need to custom the piping

true you would but its cali carb legal. and i can get them at under list so hit me up.

and how much is this going for???

they did made a greddy kit AWHILE back…and friend of my had a greddy kit for his DA and sold it.

i have a pieced together greddy 18g on my b18c motor and she hauls ass :jerkoff:

the more people i can get interested in it the lower the price could be.

double post ftl

whats the price starting at ?

prob over $3,000

actually 3K and lower

if its 3k i might as well get a b18c

or peice together a kit for half price

im acutally having a friend of my custom fit some intercooler piping for my DA…turn out its not that bad =)…i’ll post some pictures when i get EVERYTHING done.

WAS UP ET??? long time no talk. hit me up some time. you need to see my car now that its all don. Your going to crap your pants.