grinding fins on a turbo?

this is my first post to a forum period, but i have always found this one to be useful.

My question is this…I recently purchased a turbo second-hand from a friend of my brothers’. I noticed that the fins on the turbo had been purposely grinded down just a fraction of an inch. the guy i bought it from said it allowed the turbo to spool up quicker. Personally, i have absolutely no idea. Can anyone help me out?

So the fins have been modified? One thing I learned is not to mess around w/ the compressor fins, I don’t care how careful you grind it down but it’s not going to be the same.

It’s like cutting stock springs so you can lower a car. Same idea. If they wanted a better air flow they should have just upgraded into a different compressor wheel.

It’s called “clipped” the turbine wheel has been clipped. This is a very common mod in the DSM world. don’t be alarmed.

will the fins being clipped effect the amount of boost i will be able to run?

just wondering…a friend of mine told me that it might limit the amount of boost.

don’t think it will limit boost, the turbo will just not last as long.

Quite the opposite actually, it exchanges low down boost for a little more uptop. The turbo is still capable of moving the same amount of air, it just has less resistance in getting into it’s upper “rev” range. So, it isn’t grabbing as much air at lower boost levels, but the resistance is reduced so it can spin higher and sling more air. You’d hardly notice the extra lag and you’ll be able to carry out boost a little longer. Pretty good mod when done correctly.

and in turn the turbo will go bad faster. not much faster, instead of lasting 100k, it will last 80-90k.