h4h HID'S!!!! check tougetuning.com

Hey Everyone,

I just found out from TougeTuning.com a vendor on g2ic that he carry’s h4h HID’s. I don’t know if anyone else is carrying them. But i’ve seen some pics of them and they seem to be pretty good. I’m looking at getting a set for my DA. What are your thoughts on them? I think they are worth it considering bulbs are already like almost $100 a set for raybrigs.

Website doesn’t work

GLAAAARRREEEE… dont put hid’s in the stock housings… do it right do a conversion

can you elaborate?

i have purchased the h4h hid’s for my db1 and did some modding to it. :slight_smile:

I finally got around to getting my hid bulbs in my one pieces. No i didn’t do any retrofitting of any kind, and will be doing that in the future (prolly not till next summer). These HID’s are simply plug and play, it literally took me a good minutes to install them.

The one issue about using HID’s in halogen bulbs is the glare. If you’ve noticed on some cars that have NON projector HID’s… they have shields aka glare gaurds which prevent unwanted light… which is what i had to fabricate in my case.

For those who are familiar with an H4H bulb with jdm housings, these bulbs are specific to the housing and the housing does not have ‘glare gaurds/shields’; they are simply built in in the form of black paint on the tip of the h4h bulb.

for the jdm housing, the upper half of the housing is used for lowbeams and the lower half of the housing utilize the highbeams. The hid bulbs use both those tiers which causes crazy unwanted light all over the place. I was concerned with the brightness which brings me to my little DIY project.

Tools I used:

Ultra Grey gasket sealant

motomaster touch up paint

Basically… i had an old motomaster paint touch up laying in the garage. So i cleaned that out using aircraft paint remover. Took the dremel and cut it completely in half. Painted the ‘shield’ with high temp aluminum coloured spraypaint. Used the ultra grey gasket sealant to ‘connect’ the shield to the base of the bulb.

After drying with a blowdryer, i installed them and this is the result i get.

I just did this today but will take some night shots tonight!

hmmm that doesnt seem half bad an idea. Post some night pics though showing the light cutoff and maybe some pics form afar so you can tell how the housing lights up.

good job on your own fab work though!

very nice diy… of course the beloved dremel… saved me more times than i could count…but could you take a pic of the cutoff or the reflection on the wall… if this is a good light output… you may have jsut saved all of us some cash…

guess no new pics…

sorry, i’ve been terribly busy this week with barely any time to do anything. I’ll get them up for you tomorrow night for sure…!!

mind you… don’t expect phenomonal cutoffs. i would imagine that it’s very close to the stock bulbs. I only created that shield to prevent unwanted glare. But again, i will post night pictures up tomorrow night against the wall, side of the wall and a pic of the front of the car.

I didn’t expect great results as there are two hot spots from both sides of the lights, but these hot spots are the same spots from the stock halogen bulbs. the inside of my driverside housing have somewhat of a cloudy lens so it’s ‘softer’ so to speak compared to the passengerside. but let the pictures do the talking tomorrow night…!!

yeah i know the cutoff will not be great but it will be better than having all the glare…

Those lights look pretty awesome being only half lit, however, I think if I did something similar, I would try just to block the end like how the halogens have the black tip, just maybe stick a circle infront of the light. That way you get all the light output, without the glare

Actually, i did re-mod them to what you just stated above. hehe… don’t mind the ghetto rigging… it’s the only way to do it without redoing the whole thing over. I used a nickel to cover the front :slight_smile:

Here are the pics of how they look on the road. It’s really not that bad as it seems. I would definitely do a retrofit from projectors, but that project will have to wait until next year.

I couldn’t get a goodshot of a direct shot of the headlights with the hid’s on. It just simply looks like its crazy glare and the pictures don’t do justice. This is as good as i can get it to ‘reality’.

i think it looks a lot cleaner than just putting them in… no where near as much glare and that is a good thing… … i think i will try this out for a little while… thks for the diy

Nice work :up: This mod seems like it’s going to be practical and popular.

so instead of using that half cylinder shield thing, now the bottom of it is open?

would it be better to have 2 thin rods suspend a disk of metal (or a nickel) directly in front of the bulb?

yeah the rod idea sounds about the best. Can I also get a pic of your rims.

^^Just go to the 4dr thread, there’s plenty of pics in there.

thanks, i found his name. Looked like my rims for a minute, but they aren’t.

Any new pics on these???