I have a 4-2-1 dc header, i was just wondering if i droped in a B18c1 in my 90 Da will the header fit? thanks for any help

Yes it will fit.

What would be easier to drop a B16a or a B18c1, or would the swap be the same with both motors

the b16a would be easier because you can get an obd0 model, as the c1 only comes in obd1-2. there would be harness swaps you would have to do, but nothing too extreme.

so the motor should just drop in and bolt up, i dont mind doing the obd swap thats really no problem, plus i much rather have a 1.8 over a 1.6

it wil bolt up, but you’ll use a cable tranny, obviously the gsr(p74?) ecu and you’ll have to pin a wire at ecu plugs for the vtec solenoid

i’m not sure what gen. motor i’m getting yet, but the ls tranny will bolt up right?

p72 foo. i got a b18c1 on my ls tranny, just use the clutch to match your tranny. its a pain to find an ecu tho.

shit, i knew that morgan, i was just testing you.


could you tell me any problems you ran into, and how hard it was to drop in, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

It’s even simpler than THAT… U can use any b-series clutch… U just need a cable B-series throwout bearing… Example… I have a CM stage 3 clutch for an ITR in my car (hydro clutch, cable transmission) I just had to buy a cable-style throwout bearing. As long as you use the right throwout bearing it will work.

And, I’m assuming this is an LS/RS/GS, correct? In order for you to get the most out of your swap you will DEFINITELY NEED the shorter gear ratio transmission that will come with the swap (whichever u go with, b16, gsr, either one will have shorter gears than that god-awful LS one.)
Anyhow, to get the shorter gear ratios (AND BONUS: the bigger final drive too!) The easiest way to get hydro gears in a cable car is to swap the gears (They are totally interchangeable… Once again myself as an example, I’m rocking ITR gears in a cable YS1 LS tranny.) Don’t go for the cable/hydro conversion those things just don’t look too appealing to me, and PLUS you don’t hafta spend any money if u just swap the gears yourself (Seems painfully complicated but when I took my first tranny apart I was like: “OMG That’s all? pshh piece of CAKE.” haha)

Anyhow, just thought I’d chime in… Hopefully give you some insight as to what would be the best IMO.

don’t test my knowledge. the point was if you order a ‘clutch kit’ you will have the wrong pressure plate and throwout bearing.
stop posting. ban yourself. short geared tranny makes any car faster and more fun, but its not needed. my g2 was supposed to be a daily driver in which case it does its job with any tranny that works. if i get back into my g2 i might do a short tranny, but if i do it will prolly be along with a new motor. hydro tranny internals only fit in ys1 cable trannies. most integra trannies use 4.4 final, if im not mistaken. the only integra with a 4.785 is the type r, and its only on some type r’s. doing tranny work might be easy but you need a clean work area, the right tools, and the ability to spec everything up.
as far as the swap is concerned, I doubt I’d do it again. The swap came out mint, except i havent made a bracket to hold my impedance box yet(ask simon bout that one). that actually was from hiding wires in the engine bay, not the swap itself. car ran strong with open header, i haven’t gotten it back together with an exhaust on it yet. it ran once with the exhaust to move it. the intake manifold hits something coming out of the firewall the same as a jg manifold would, i had to bend the bracket holding it to make it work. i got a side project, so my g2 is getting no love for a while. g3 ls…the end.

thanks just one more thing what do you have to get to make a hydro tranny work with a cable, and is it easy to do yourself, it looks so much easier to just go with the B16a thanks again for all the input.

the thing is, you don’t HAVE to use the hydro tranny. you can use any cable b-series trans without a problem in your car (using the correct clutch of course), but some will perform far better than others. i.e.: b16 or a gsr trans will be better than an ls for a high revving motor.

ok that makes sense, but what would be the right clutch? the ls one wont work

if it’s a b16 trans it’s going to be jdm which would take the 90-91 integra clutch. if it’s a gsr tranny it takes the 92+ integra clutch.

whats the difference between the Skunk2 vtec intake manifolds and the non-vtec ones

WHOA WHOA WHOOAAAAA DUDE… wtf? Nobody was “Testing your knowledge” like I said I was just basically elaborating on what you were talking about… not trying to piss anybody off man wow. I’m sorry I offended you man… I didn’t know you’d get mad over THAT man, sorry.


flange is differant. b18/b20, b16/b18c5, and b18c1 are all differant intake flanges.

is the skunk2 manifold upside down like the stock gsr manifold