Hello from CO

[SIZE=“3”]Ok, well this forum has a note that introducing myself here is acceptable.

So then, I hail from Colorado, in the Denver Metro, and I have a black '92 GS with the LS block. It’s a 3-door, with tan leather interior, 5-speed manual, and alloy wheels (i think an option for the GS or they are stock 92 GSR wheels. Currently running on Fusion HRI tires (ugh…), awaiting the arrival for spring and/or a paycheck, as I am currently between jobs.

As far as problems, I bought it needing a timing belt, which I tackled in my garage, but aside from the typical valve tick and various squeaks and rattles, it’s brilliant. Leather interior is worn out in the typical spots (which I don’t even need to tell you where they are.) No water leaks, sunroof seals and works great, cruise control works.

Right now, it’s bone stock, and future plans range from an ls/vtec setup or turbo, coilovers, etc. depending on application. I’m not big into turbocharging, but if people have done it and kept the same 300,000 mile reliability I’ve come to expect from Honda, then it might be in my future.

Currently enrolled in an ASE training/certification program. My first passion is cars, my second is driving. Bury me in my gen 2!

P.S. It DOES have a factory trailer hitch. Nice if some of our crazier CO drivers ever rear-end me.[/SIZE]

Yay!!! One more guy to the club. I’m sure you’ll be meeting all the guys here in CO. They’r all pretty close. And I’m ssure they’ll come say hi to you on here too. If they ever do go on sigh. What part of denver? See you around!

Welcome. You are in luck, there is a great group of G2 guys and gals right in Denver. We usually have DA meets in warmer weather.

Nice looking integra! Goodluck in school.

nice car, you need a stock front lip though buddy.

Post interior pics

Ohhh shit, reminds me of my first teg:inlove:

:wave: welcome, cant wait to see around at a meet:up:

I’m actually up north, between Longmont and Westminster. I tread a lot of ground in Westminster, Thornton, and sometimes Arvada and Lakewood.

I’m sure you think so. =P
I like a good sleeper though. Too many people around here have gone for the ricer look, IMHO. I see a lot of riced gen 3 teg’s and DSM’s, etc.

Right now, it sits as good as the day I bought it, which is less than optimal. Future plans include some re-upholstering and a new carpet, to start. Anyone have a better suggestion than Ebay as to where I can find decent leather/knockoffs for the seats?

[QUOTE=BLKACK1;2182990]Ohhh shit, reminds me of my first teg:inlove:

:wave: welcome, cant wait to see around at a meet:up:[/QUOTE]

Waited a long time for this one, and I got it for a decent price, all in. Looked into the common Integra problems, and aside from runout in the front brakes and the timing belt, I couldn’t ask for a better car.

awesome looks pretty dang good buddy

welcome, Colorado here too

Nice! There’s actually a bunch of us up in these parts (I’m in the Westy/Broomfield area), so don’t be afraid to send one of us an email or something!

were the rest of you guys at. theres a couple more of us that have yet to check in. lol

check out the meet thread(s)

Alright alright…if you say so glynn…Welcome pooosy and nice DA…and I mean that in a warm and welcome way haha

[QUOTE=BLKACK1;2183470]were the rest of you guys at. theres a couple more of us that have yet to check in. lol

check out the meet thread(s)[/QUOTE]

I will have to do so.

HAHA thats right pooossy :slight_smile:

any one of u guys/gals still around denver with any g2’s i just got my 92db2 back been a long time but got her goin but i may need help and a few questions seven20-four2seven-6six2nine thanx…

I saw a minty Aztec Green Db2 on I25 a couple weeks ago w/temps. Needless to say I was Jelly.

Welcome. Nice GS. My first DA was a 92 GS. You won’t be disappointed. If you decide to swap your steering wheel I would be interested. I’m looking for a leather wrapped oem steering wheel for my db2.