Hello From Southern Indiana!

Decided to make an introduction here. Long time lurker on this forum, especially the classifieds. My name is Will, and I own a 1990 Jasper Green DA. Had it for about 3 years now. It’s been through a few different phases, but the goal for this season is low and slow. Looking forward to hitting every event/meet I can this summer. Enough with the talk, here are some pics of my teg.

When I first picked it up

After the paint and body work was done

Fun daily driving stock engine turbo setup

Back to na, just enjoyed cruising the car around everywhere

Import Alliance

Another year on the way back from IA

12ish:1 b20 vtec

Can’t seem to find any pictures of the last setup. I know they’re out there somewhere. Piston/Rod B16 shortblock, GSR head, Garrett 60-1 385hp@20 psi

I don’t have any pics of the latest stuff going on right now, either. But I’ve welded up the entire engine bay, and the car is at the body shop getting the bay smeared and painted, along with some other odds and ends things.
Glad to be part of this site now!

Nice intro… as you already said, seems like this car has indeed been through a couple different fazes lol.

Welcome, officially, to G2IC :slight_smile:

Welcome man. Your car is super clean! Body looks flawless. Your turbo setups make me jealous lol. Can’t wait to see more photos of this.

So here are some more pics I scrounged up. This is all current. I already had the brake lines tucked, but this time I decided to do a booster delete. I picked up a wireworx harness as well. I wanted to do a tucked radiator, but I’m a cheapskate and refused to buy a prefab bed one for my car. My lower core support was pretty jacked from the different intercoolers and what not. So I cut it out and built a new one as far out as I could go to fit an aluminum vw scirocco radiator under the upper support. Here goes.

Nice teg… Can’t wait to see the bay finished, import alliance will be at the ky speedway this summer. How far out from Louisville are you?

I like the rad. Are the inlet and outlets more or less in the same position as the oem rad?

Cant wait to see the results on your engine bay, looks good so far. Welcome to the club

The radiator inlets and outlets are actually a little farther toward the passenger side. -16 fittings are being welded on right now, along with rad cap and tube welded onto the upper rad hose flange on the head. Ky speedway is about 1.5 hours away from us, so we will definitely be in attendance! I live about 40 minutes north of Louisville.

your car is amazing. jasper da’s are always nice… black and white come first and second though. you should post up the specs of your turbo build. i wanna take some notes…

very nice bro… its the best when its done like the way your doing it… yourself. great build cant believe its been through that many stages before getting a intro lol anyways keep up the good work. im definitely subscribed for your DIY articles…


Thanks for the kind words guys! Looking forward to getting this back on the road. Should be under primer by this coming weekend.

Bit of an update. Bumpers and bay is in primer. I feel sorry for my buddy’s hands with all the sanding involved on this thing.lol Got my shortblock put together on Monday. Nothing special, just B18A with PR3 pistons. Good for 11ish:1 With the S4C hydro B16 trans the car should pull itself around fairly well. I hope at least. Here are some pics:

Nice, I wish I had the space to work on my teg like this. Hopefully i’ll see this over the summer

Never thought anything this nice could come out of Indiana :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously car looks fantastic (er, did look fantastic seeing as it’s in pieces right now, lol). Good luck with the build. Can’t wait to see it after she’s done in the paint booth

the car is sooo beautiful

Thanks guys. Really looking forward to getting this back on the road. Hoses and fittings came in today, along with some odds and ends parts. Hoping to see my hush performance clutch conversion in the next couple days. Wondering how well it will work. Not a lot of progress today. Did manage to get the short block masked, scuffed, and primed and painted. Didn’t want to paint the engine and trans, but soda blasting just wasn’t in the cards. Just a note, the paint isn’t as shiny as it shows in the pic. Flash must have caused it. Also, new hardware for the water and oil pump will be going on as well.

thats clean im scared to open my hood now

It’s been a slow process, but this weekend was a pretty good one. All of the parts got painted, along with the bay. Got some brackets and odds and ends stuff painted, along with the trans. Decided to do black hardware on everything, so I went with black oxide socket head capscrews. I’m worried about rust, so it looks like I’ll be painting the heads and shoulders of all the bolts. A little time consuming, but it’s not too bad. I found some pretty durable paint that hasn’t shown any marks from sockets or allen keys when running them in and tightening. Here are some pics. Can’t wait to have the car back in my garage. Just need my mounts ( in the mail ) and to get some of the other large capscrews for the mounts and trans to engine, then I can start getting things moving. Here are some pics! (all cell phone pics)

engine and tranny looks minty fresh, the bay looks amazing!