help keeping underhood temps down.

hey ever since the turbo kit has been on ive had so much extra heat under the hood. What can i do other than heat wrap to keep it cooler under the hood.

cooler thermostat?

i have two thin fans on the radiator now and they are both pulling. Before adding the second fan the car would start to heat up after getting off the highway and sitting in traffic. But you start driving and it goes back down. THe second fan has seemed to solve that problem.

the problem with getting an aluminun radiator is lack of room due to the charge pipe.

any ideas???
thanks. CHRIS

Get another hood from the junk yard or just hack up yours, you could cut a vent or add a scoupe. Remove the mud guards under the engine, not sure how well this would work but it could be something to try. And I’ve heard of people wiring up their fans to always be on when the car is running and drilling holes or completely removing the thermostat so coolant is always flowing.

for making a custom vent go to and check out tech stuff.

or do a sort of “ram air” setup but just put it to somewhere under your hood instead of on the filter. or on the filter, doesnt matter.

After my brother installed his MS3 turbo, he melted the fan blades…

hahaha! He didnt have the lower heat shielf installed did he? :wink:

my AC fan is gone, and the regular fan is farther away from the manifold/turbo/o2 housing so it isnt going to melt. I dont have the shields installed.

Nah, I don’t think the Mutts come with lower sheilds, he had to get low profile fans installed… Oh the price of ungodly power!:smiley:

got any pics? This will help us understand your situation.

MIKE - we’re talking about Eclipses again, not 2G integras.

Well it’s not the most appealling thing but it might be better than chopping up your hood. Try the bolt trick on the mount points of the hood to raise it up near the windshield. I don’t have anypics but if you need further explanation I would be glad to give it…