??? Help me decide on wheels: Enkei Apache II or XXR 531 ???

Can’t decide on wheels to get for my 91 DA. What do you think?

  1. Enkei Apache II - Silver (15x8 +25 offset) http://www.enkei.com/apache2.shtml#
  2. XXR 531 - Silver (16x8 +20 offset) http://www.xxrwheels.com/xxr_531.shtml

Also, let me know what your experience is with these sizes and offsets. thanks!


ima say the enkei cuz i want the 531 lol

I would get the Apache, they look more era correct on a DA.

^^ LOL. 2 of 2. Apache it is


I say Apache, too many people are getting the 531s.

my thoughts…but completely off of looks, i’d say 531…while the apache are ‘era correct’ there are better ‘era correct’ wheels that look better



Old name in the game, racing heritage, quality brand! Go for the Enkei’s.

Enkei all day, you have to support the real brands that put in the r&d to make wheels. Quality over quantity any day and not to mention they wont be knock offs


thanks everyone for your input. the dirty deed’s been done…

Enkie Apache II.jpg

Can’t wait to see them on the car.

Was considering a set for my DA too.

Mounted on Stock Suspension

I like how the face covers up the fact that our rotors are so tiny. the rims make the rotors look big…lol. the poke is a bit more than i had expected but a drop, roll and tuck should do the trick - i already have the swift spring setup waiting.

they’re mounted on Kuhmo Ecsta ASTs 195/50r15





after a drop it should look legit. i picked up the enkei j speed for tire rack.

Wow those look good on there. A drop and your done. Cant wait to see pictures.

Very classic looking. Gonna look amazing with the drop.

Your whip is higher than wiz khalifa! sexy rims tho, its going to be nice when dropped

Hahaha thats funny man^^ is that how high our cars sit stock! Lol wow been a long time since my whip sat that high! wheels look good man and once its dropped those wheels on that tire size should look hella fresh! Post pics as soon as its lowered!


Thanks guys for the kind words. Its taking longer than expected to have my extended top hats fabricated and the OEM bushings pushed out of the control arms so as of right now the DA is a hovercraft. LOL