Help on value of DB2 Shell

Hey folks, I am looking for a home for my b17 swap, and I may have found a DB2 shell locally. We have not discussed price yet, but I believe he has about 680$ in DMV back fees. Its a 93 frost white clean title, not sure on the mileage. This car has been sitting in the elements for at least 2-3 years, so I am going to look it over really well before making an offer. If it is in decent shape any idea what would be a good price? If I have to pay almost 700 in dmv fees I cant imagine paying more than a few hundred dollars for it. He sent a couple pictures and it actually looks in decent shape, original wheels etc. Just want an idea of where to begin negotiations if it comes to that. Thanks for your help

That’s really hard to say without pics. The most valuable thing on the car is the condition of the paint and runner up is the condition of the interior. An OEM quality repaint is going to be north of $3k and finding MINT condition or new interior parts is next to impossible. If it’s been sitting outside for 2-3yrs and has not been covered or cleaned and waxed regularly then I’m guessing the paint and likely interior may have degraded greatly in that period.

Without knowing more I think you’re right to not want to pay more than few hundred bucks tops. If the paint and interior were really well kept, everything was stock and unmolested and all it needed was an engine, then maybe $500-$1500 depending on how clean it was.

Thanks thats about what I was thinking. Its just too bad someone would let this thing deteriorate, engine or no engine. I am still gonna look anyway because I don’t think I’ll find another one locally :pupeyes:

He did send me this photo

Yeah, we’re at a really strange place with these cars right now. “Book” values are dropping but actual value to people who know how rare good condition cars are getting is going up. At this point I’m thinking it’s nearly impossible to find ones with decent paint so almost anything you buy will need a full respray which is gonna cost big bucks and basically mean you’re going to have $5-10k into a car that is worth half that. But I think if you maintain the car and don’t daily it you’ll end up breaking even down the road when value starts to rise on these cars.


Windows are tinted and there’s shade where it’s parked, so those are good signs for both the paint and interior. But from that pic it’s impossible to tell what the condition is. Paint could be great or it could be completely faded. If it were me and the guy was trying to get a lot of $$ I’d ask if I could wash the car - you never learn more about a car until you wash it and actually get your hands and eyes up close on every inch. Wash it, dry it then inspect the paint.

Missing the exhaust? What happened to the window trim - you know those are discontinued now so you won’t be able to just order a new one :frowning: Body looks quite straight though.

I did read up on the window trim… I guess I would have to find one at the junk yard… Or pull it off my own daily? anyway ya I was thinking it looks straight at least, I am an experienced detailer so I could get the paint looking pretty good. Then again when did he take the picture? coulda been 3 years ago. I’m gonna look at it this saturday and have him clean it first, good idea to wash it.

I would buy that car so fast if I was in California. Probibly something stupid like a fuel pump or distributer that is not working and it just got parked on the farm.

Ya except for it has a b18 in it that’s done. I am gonna do my best to buy it but dmv back fees can be a nightmare out here

Oh, if it still has an engine in it and it’s working then the value is completely different, I thought this was a shell without drivetrain. Although for your use the value may not be different the value on the market is.

Sorry when I said “it’s done” I meant it’s toast. In other words it can’t be rebuilt but I’m gonna find out more on Saturday. I hope it works out!

The paint & interior is a non issue , that shit can be had with a good buff job & trim, interior can get at the junk yard. What you need to do is jack that mofo up on some jack stands & grab your tape measure & CHECK CHECK CHECK & RECHECK that sub frame for trueness check for bend control arms, look at the strut towers make sure nothins been cut & replaced, open the doors & see if they hangup when trying to open & if they do i would think twice & do more investigating it may be twisted & dogwalk when going down the road, look at the frame rails too… thats my take on it, jus tryin to help a nig out yo !!!

I strongly disagree with this. Not all paint can simply be buffed out and most of the trim is no longer available from the dealer so you’re SOL with that. Some cars this will work for, but not all - I would never suggest you overlook the paint and instead I would be very focused on ensuring the paint is good and what sort of attention it may need. As for the interior - you really think you’re going to find GSR interior at a junk yard? Possible, but not probable.

^ Yeah that.

But if you need some, I know a guy… :wink:

Good point about the frame, however I agree with Colin about the paint and interior. I do have a clean set of seats from my daily, extremely lucky score from the junk yard. 98% of interiors are trashed there, however this one I came across was very clean. No rips tears stains at all. So I would be able to swap those over no problem. As for cracked dash, door panels etc that is not something I would like to deal with. As I said before it’s all going to come down to what he wants for it. If he says he wants 2k or something, I will shake his hand and be on my way. If we are in the ball park then I think it’s worth picking up. Will keep you guys posted if you like, plan is to look at it saturday while its still light outside.

On the note of interior, anybody have pics of what the GSR interior looked like? So I know what to look for…

These are GSR seats. They have a little bit of red in the center fabric.

right on are they all blue interiors? Those look just like my seats except I dont have the red stripes.