Hey guys - will a hatch fit in a DA?

I found a clean hatch I want to buy (the trunk, not like, Civic hatch or anything).

Does anyone know FOR SURE if a hatch will fit in a DA?

can you explain in better detail because i dont understand wat your trying to say

If you fold down the reqar seats you’ll prob be able to stuff it in there enough to tie the hatch closed at least it may even fit I think I’ve read some peoples posts saying they have done this before

I’m purchasing a hatch w/ glass, and wondering if I could cram it into my car. Taking out the backseats would be no issue for me if that would help.

i have done it with the First Gen integra Hatch. but it was hella sitting on my rear speaker covers and i had both front seats moved forward.

bring towels and rags etc to protect your interior.

i’ve attempted but gave up because if it does fit it’s tight as hell and inconvenient. borrowed my dad’s van instead.

Justmechillin - did you get the hatch to close, or did you have to tie it down?

I am trying to borrow my mom’s Blazer, but I am not sure if she’ll let me yet.

I plan on removing the backseats and those long interior panels that go around to the back anyway…I wonder if it would fit.

I picked-up a hatch thinking it would fit in my DA. It didn’t, not even close. I had to make a trip to the hardware store for some tow straps. I drove 2+ hours home from Columbus, OH with it strapped to the roof.

nope, i tried it already lol

Well what if I take out everything behind the backseats?

And Columbus is actually where I’m going, lol.

I BARELY got a CF hood to fit in the back for a DA, and thats with all the front seats pushed foward to the max where I could still drive and I was able to close the trunk., I don’t think you could fit a hatch unless the trunk is still open cause of the curves it has compared to a hood.

LOL when i bought my CF hoood i drove down there with NO hood and bolted it up and drove back home…

Do the same with the DA if that’s all you have. :idea:

lol same here:iagree:

Haha, one of my friends suggested driving there with no hatch. Unfortunately it’s a 2 hour drive :P. I will just take my mom’s Blazer. Thanks guys.

Fold down the back seat an then slid in the hatch it will stick out.get some cardboard to go around things an some rope an you can do it it been done three time that i know of i did it with a bronze rsi hatch with a jdm wing an no damage an it was like a 45 min drive…so yes it can be done

driving there with out a hatch would be an awesome story tho lol

It would. And think of the gas you’d save.

Well guys, I got my hatch. Quite the story though.

I drove 3 hours, first of all. Then I got there and the guy had it sitting in the grass…I was like whatever and thought nothing of it. So it took a few minutes to jam it in the Blazer, but we did it somehow.

Then, about 15 minutes later I had to stop the gas station. My friend and I go inside and whatnot and when we’re all done he opens the door to find a fucking SNAKE on the floor. Now it was only a garter, but still! So he grabbed one of those windshield squeegee things and just about when he was going to try to scoop it out…it went under the seat. We spent like 10 or 15 minutes trying to coax or scare it out. I sprayed some Febreeze at it, cause there wasn’t much else. Then my friend lifted up the plastic that covers the seat rails…and there it sat.

I held the plastic back with the squeegee and he got another one. Then he flung the snake out onto the ground and without thinking I proceeded to smash the living hell out of it. I thought I was hitting it with the blunt end, but it was actually the rubber part, and I cut it in half. I was having such an adrenaline rush it wasn’t funny LOL.

Well that was over, and we drove the rest of the way home making jokes about snakes and whatever…when we got home, we got the hatch out and decided to give the Blazer a once over to make sure there were no more snakes. Wouldn’t you know there was another one under the backseat. Geez. I am from northern Ohio and not used to such things…so it was a new situation for me and very strange and creepy. LOL but I think they are all gone now…and Sunday my DA will have a new hatch!

Pics are:

Snake under the seat
My current rusted out hatch
Dead snake
Hatch in the Blazer





I really hope you didn’t drive 3 hours each way just to get that hatch. I admire the dedication though. :slight_smile:

HOLY son of a monkey’s mother!! :gunright: good thing I wasn’t there.