High Compression Turbo

I am just wondering what compressions most of you are running with your turbo setups. JE 9.0:1 seems to be what everyone runs, but I was curious if anyone is running higher (9.2 +) ? I read a few posts on another turbo forum (clubsi.com) from a shop owner who goes by the s/n of st00pid who constantly builds high compression turbo setups. I have also seen many people build cars just for racing and most use high compression. My question is, is high compression worth it ? Im thinking it will make more power but tear your motor up at the same time. If it were so great, im sure everyone wouldnt be using lower than stock compression pistons in their turbo setups. Just my .02 :smiley:

I’m runnin the stock B16A c/r of 10:1 with between 6-10psi. The reason people choose lower compression pistons is because it gives you a larger margin of error when introducing boost and preventing detonation. A higher c/r Turbo setup will give you good responsiveness when not at high boost levels(city driving w/o revving to 6K RPM) However, you won’t be able to run 16psi daily driven for long, although I’ve seen people do it for awhile. Typically, 9:0 to 9:5, depending on the amount of boost/tuning you plan to go with.

Yea there is a guy in town that has a Type R boosted, not sure what he’s running at but I’ve herd that nothing was done to the engine. But the point is that he probly won’t be boosting for long, cus he runs that thing every where he goes.