hit curb, what parts could be messed up

i had a tire go completly flat on me today while i was turning and i hit the curb and destroyed a rim, my problem is i also bent the hell out of my lower control arm and was wonder if i should replace the upper at the same tim or what??? also should i look at the stabilizer bar? is there anything else i should look at replacing or at least taking a look at? im not lowered or anything but it pulls very hard to the right but i think thats cause of the tire. its not even driveable but im hoping i just gotta replace the lca, but the tire was bent back pretty far, any ideas???

I remember when I hit a curb in my 89 honda accord. It never drove the same again, athough it could be I never tried to fix the parts that got damaged. I would check everything like ball joints, tie rods, control arms, sway bar, radius rods and even your spindle.

The front crossmember is more than likely tweaked and will need to be pulled by a frame shop. Take it to them they will tell you what parts are bent and need to be replaced. once the car is straight and parts replaced, should be good as new.

This happened to me too


This is a list of possible bent items.

Front crossmember
rear crossmember
lower control arm
radius rod
frame rails could have been bent if the front crossmember took a good wack

if you feel a difference then something is wrong. i hit a curb going 50 (drunk) but since i was goin to fast and my angle of impact was nearly perfect luck i only ended spining out and not running into anything or breaking anything. i was on a one lane road too. never again… i tested my luck that night

heres some pics of teg and the lca and tire that caused it

93HorizongrayDA: i dont know how ima get it to the frame shop in this condition plus the tow is all messed up and the wheels bends downwards, can i check the frame myself with some measurements or what

sorry haven’t been on for a few days. if its not drivable then u’ll have to have it towed. but they would be the people to tell you whats wrong with your car. sorry we can’t help out more.


hey i hit a curb a while back too. i my rim looked alot worse but some how my control arms wernt bents the crossmember got pussed back a bit. it really only gave me bad caster so this is my fix. you may need more work than this

If you need a lower control arm I may still have one. Let me check the garage this afternoon and if i have one and you need it it’s yours for whatever shipping costs. It likely won’t have bushings cause they were toast, but it’s a good excuse to step up to ES or Prothane. :wink:

could he have hurt his wheel bearing?

well i got my control arm and i measured the left side which came out to be whatever but its sayin my right side is a half inch out, could a small kink in the k frame be causing that??? also my wheel when i turn it, it looks like the right side angles down, i got a pic but i gotta clear out a few first

heres that pic


More than likely you bent your sub frame in, if its not bad you may be alright with getting a new LCA and or knuckle and adjusting it. When It happened to me in my old Prelude I had to get a whole new sub frame and LCA, that was fun to put it.

happened to me as well. i bent my radius arm, lower control arm, it pushed the rear crossmember in by half an inch. and after all this, the wheel was still pushed back meaning i had frame damage. its really not fun and expensive! good luck

is the sub frame the same as something called a k frame??? cause i just got one today and installing it saturday, its the peice that holds the lca, and goes across the car, i guess that could be the sub frame connector if thats what its really called. i call see where the lca sits is bent and i hope thats whats throwin it off by half an inch.

how could i adjust my knuckle??

and wtf is the radius arm

thats called the rear crossmember. mine bent inward by 1/2" as well.

the radius arm is the rod that connects the front cross member to your lca. in accidents like these the rod bends and pulls the front crossmember usually bending something in between.

adjust knuckle??what do you want to adjust?

I hit a massive pothole a while ago, which bent my LCA and most probably damaged my sub frame. My radius rod ended up snapping a little while after installing a new LCA, as did a 2nd one put in (most likely from the strain of having to pull the LCA forwards.

In the end my mechanic installed radius rods from an Accord which have an adjustable threaded section. Car has been fine for over a year (touch wood)!

I can post pics if needed.

so if i install the accord rods then i should be fine with out having the get a new front crossmember?

i want to adjust it to where the wheel wont angle to right when its turned like in the pic i posted

The radius rod will most likely only fix up the caster