honda badges and cops

shortly after i got my teg i swapped all the exterior badges from the normal As and acuras to Hs and hondas. in the last month my car was pulled over once because the plates are registered to an acura integra and it says honda integra on the rearend of the car and i was pulled over again for an unrelated issue and mentioned to the extremely nice oklahoma officer that i thought that he pulled me over for the conflicting honda/acura thing. as i said that was not what he pulled me over for but he did say that he could ticket me for that because it was considered fraud.

when i switched the badges i didnt think it was a possibility of gettin ticketed for doing so and ive already had enough unintentional law breaking since the purchase of this car and i need an idea or a complete solution aside from putting it back to the As and acura emblems. i know others from this site have done this same tiny little modification in the states and id hope that i could find a peaceful solution cause the cops in the town i live in arent as friendly as that oklahoma officer.

so, tell me… what have you done to fix this problem?

put the oem emblems back on or just shave them completely off which is nicer.

Id just shave them too.

wow i never thought of that but i guess it is true …i would just shave them all off

Keep them on. Tell him to check the VIN if he’s feeling retarded.

I got pulled over once cause of the “H” emblem on the rear. The other emblems “ACURA” and “INTEGRA” I have shaved off. The officer thought the car was possibly stolen so he wanted to check me out. I didn’t mind.

I don’t see how you could get a ticket for fraud though. I think that is just BS. But it’s worth checking into if you keep the honda badges on there and want to be in the clear.

I guess you are doomed when they look under the hood, because the H is stamped right on the valve cover and you aren’t going to find an acura one.

damn, we’re all going in for fraud.
see you guys in jail. :angel:

i’ve had my emblems changed when i first got my car over 3 years ago, havnt been told anything about that though.

Although, ive been asked several times as to why my mirrors are folded in(power folding mirrors) when i get pulled over.
I told them i have power folding mirrors and i fold them in because they blind me with that stupid search light, cops are just like “ohh, ok. Thought your driving with them folded” lol off subject, but yah. funny stuff.


lol you know i was thinkin the same thing. im pretty sure that theres some other places it says honda as well.

see when i got pulled over in the town i live in for it my room mate was driving my car and told him that honda and acura was the same company and the cop was like ‘i dont keep up on these stupid import cars, i dont know anything about them.’

when i spoke to the officer in OK i told him that the valve cover says honda from the factory, that the vin would match, and that they where in fact the same company and his reply to me was that most cops are lazy and dont care and anything that would make them do more work would just end up in a ticket.

shaving isnt really an option cause i dont have the money to get the holes behind the badges filled and the hood/hatch repainted. i havent been harassed about it since but im sure its goin to come up again and i still need a solution.

i suggest getting a print out from the DMV that your car is in fact legit, aside from the emblems.
so when a cop does pull you over for it, you show him the paper work so he doesnt have to bitch about doing all the work to find out.

cheapest solution and prob. easiest.
but i dont know what you have to ask for at the dmv, lol.


All the cop has to do is check the vin to match the reg that it . As far as dmv well some of them are not so bright as i took my car in one time for a check an they said it dint say acura any were (it was all shaved) so i said check the vins they did it clear …any ways if you want to keep them then do it. You get pulled over tell them check the vins. he gives you a ticket go to court. Tell the judge he is giving you a hard time …cuz i dont think dmv can help you …an i dont think it can be fraud cuz honda never made an integra in the U.S…so i guess a g35 with a skyline badge is a fraud too

After i shaved the trunk i got pulled over and the cop straight asked me what kind of car i have. I was like really here is my registration and insurance you figure it out. Yea fix it ticket for being lowered but not for the retardedly loud exhaust , go figure.

just post up the honda badges, no integra. if the cops dont like it they can suck a fatty. its a known fact that cops hate imports or modified imports. its just cause they are jelous. as long as the vins are all good and its registered your fine

screw all that nonsense. The cop is wrong. the car is a honda and is sold as one in every other country than canada and the US. in order for it to be fraud, the company would have to press charges, which they wouldnt.

I would just write the cop a ticket for being a douchebag and take down his badge number. :wink:

This is why I always carry a loaded gun on me, for those just in case problem or situations.

Wow, hope that works out for ya

are you going to shoot a cop?

just in case as in,
“no sir, my car is properly registered, i just changed the badge. BUT i DO have a loaded gun under my seat, are you still going to give me that ticket?”

i dont understand, lol.

i agree with all that it is a nonissue. i dont think ima do a damn thing about it cause the car is completely legalized.

Lol, I got pulled over one time and the cops like “Oh so you made you own honda integra huh?” And I’m like “Sir, pop my hood and read what it says on the cover.” And they had 5 backups that one night.

Cops can be real pricks when they wanna be. But some are hella cool.

but :umno: I personally dont like the H emblems in a teg. I kno its a Honda in tegra in other countries but the A sign is fine ,for me.