HondaTom's Dirty DA Build

lol i hear that…all a part of modding though…gota take the good w/ the bad.

Question. Any instructions on how you removed your glare guards? And what bulbs are you using in your first pic for fogs?

Just came across this build thread yesterday and I realized that I saw ur DA on the GSP last weekend. I didn’t realize u were a member here. I’m sure u saw my Captiva Blue DA on the way back up north. Your car made me wanna lower mine more.

yeah Take a heat gun to the silicon holing the lense in and pop the lense off with a small flat head. don’t leave the heat in one spot to long or you will melt the plastic housing. work you way around with the flat head while the silicon is pliable. then unscrew the glare gaurds and heat the silicon up again a little bit until it is tacky then reinstall the lense.

as far as bulbs go I am using the silvania hyper white bulbs or whatever they are called.

Whats up man yeah I remember your car. my girl kept wanting to see it cause she loves the color and she might want to paint hers in the captiva. either that or back to the original red. your car looks good. I wish you would have seen mine when it was clean lol

so as far as updates I am at school right now and the comp won’t let me upload pics to photobucket so I cant show you the pics but my rotors are in. I am still waiting on the calipers and master they should be here this weekend.

I’ll have pics up later tonight when I get home

Captiva Blue Pearl. The BEST shade of blue. PERIOD.

← Look up pics of this guy’s car.

Better yet. lol

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I had a 91 Rio Red, wasn’t too big a fan of the color. My favorites for the DA are Captiva Blue, Horizon Grey, and maybe White. That’s just to keep it with the original colors they came in obviously. Your car looked good though, just need to get back to one tone. I’m in need of a paintjob too though, paint fade on the roof & hood, plus some body damage on the passenger side that I have new parts for. I actually have a lot laying around that I’ve yet to install, still trying to catch up on regular maintenance like tune up, timing belt, brakes, ES master bushing kit, etc… Once I get the alarm installed I’ll throw on the JDM one pieces, wheels, Progress rear sway bar, and other misc things. I like the route you’re going with your DA, keep up the good work.

imcnblu: Your DA is where I aspire to get mine someday, but that’s a whole different story.

You make me jealous, bro. I had a 93’ LS exact same car, color, everything. I had been working on it for over a year and it ended up like this…

I started over again with a 1990 GS that my neighbor gave to me. Props to you for cleaning and restoring the way you did.

OMG! that sucks bro, so glad I live in texas

Damn that sucks but I am glad to hear that you are building another one.

So Update!!!

here is the Throttle body I am working on

I got my Calipers and rotors and master cylinder in(well the master is on hold until I get the new fitting). I also bought a used jdm itr header.

any way so I used corrado rotors and found that they don’t fit on our hubs do to our hubs outer diameter being larger than the inner diameter of the rotor. So I measured my brembos and got to grinding and they fit and to my surprise there was no need to shave the brackets down either. so for less money and less work I was able to do the conversion.

here is a nice side by side shot of the stock pad and the legend pad. the legends actual contact area is only about a millimeter wider than the Integra’s.

Sorry for the crappy cell pic and dirty rim but here you go

And here is pic from quick check.
this was before I did the brakes but I just like how low my car looks lol

I shall have some more pics for you later


I have done a few things to my car since the last update and pics will be up shortly.
I painted my wheels. finished my calipers, ran a new battery cable, bleached my 91 tail lights, re-finished my carbon hood, finished my side skirts
(well they are almost to my liking), I fixed my oil pressure gauge and did my valve lash,

Then I bought a set of kosei k1 ts’s from a friend and didn’t realize they were 14’s so I cant even put them on in the front cause of the legends…
So now they are for sale! let me know if you want them…




They are supper fresh and from the very little information that I can find on these apparently they are very rare!
So I am very happy

Well here is that picture I promised you

Will have some pics up later of continued sound deadening removal and the new seats installed!
I currently only have one seat in the car and it is one of the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in. My only problem is it is a little higher than stock so I need to get new rails. Any suggestions would be great. Let me know what you all think of everything.

Oh and by the way I finally mounted my falkens, 205/50 15’s and the car is handling so much better.:slight_smile:
Next on the list is the energy suspension bushings, asr rear subframe brace and 24mm sway bar, and the roll cage and seam welding, oh and finally do my valve lash. So stay tuned

Nice build! Can I ask where you found the fabric? I had a similar idea, but I was just gonna buy knockoff hoodies and cut them up.

That is actual bape and I found it online just searching…

any way here you go with some pics…

here is one seat installed

and here are the new tires

well not new lol had some time on them before lol

more pics tomorrow

The car is in paint!!!
It should be out this week…
My boy told me the body work is almost done. I can’t wait to see this thing all one color

nice progress. this is motivation for me !! good luck !!


Body work is done paint started…
so car should be back soon

I also picked up a full ls-vtec swap last night… I pulled it out of my boys car running, engine trans ecu harness axles mounts shift linkage… stated pulling it out at 1:30am and finished at 4 am lol then sold it at 12pm lol.

Picked up a Golden eagle fuel rail, FPR, and Fuel Gauge and a JDM Type R valve cover For Free… good looks to my boy Mike…

then I got something I have been dying to get for a long time…

Stay tuned for more…

Okay so I got the car back from paint and I love it!

I also am almost completely finished with my side skirts.

but here are some pics…
I painted my side moldings

Sorry for the crappy night time cell pics.

here is an okay cell shot during the day. you can see the color pretty good here.

I am trying to get my friend here with his camera to take some good shots of the car but who knows when he will show up…
well that’s it for now. I have to finish my skirts and paint my bumper moldings and my front lip, and then I am going to clean my headlights and clean the engine bay as much as possible and scrub my floors and re-install the recaros for now…
so stay tuned

What kind of skirts are you going to be putting on?