hot tanked and cranking but no start..

i took out my head and got it hot tanked and replaced the headgasket. i put everything but together and now it cranks but it won’t turn over…
here’s my set up…Ls v
gsr head
vtec distrubuitor obd1
s300 p06
conversion harness 0-1

what i’ve done…
-set the TDC like 10x already or more…
-check for each spark plugs for sparks…(all good)
-replaced my distributor with obd0 LS…it starts up fine but died like 2 seconds later…won’t start anymore…
check fuses under the hood…good…

whats weird is that my vtec distributor would not work in my friends car with his LSV. i took his LS in his set up and put in mine. it worked but died and wont start anymore but when he put it back in his car, it starts up normally.

i really do not know anymore…it just cranks…help would be great

Hows your fuel delivery? Got a pressure gauge? Checked your relay and such? Do you ehar your fuel pump kicking in? Maybe when it fired up it burned whatever fuel was in the lines and died again.

check this out bro… it cleared things up for me and help me diagnose the problem

my fuel pressure guage is at 40 and i smell fuel when i try to spark the plugs using the screw driver and bolt. I’m going to change the distrubitor and replace the internals in it and hope it works.

what distributor did u use to check for spark?
I really dont think its the distributor giving you the issues

it should have never even started with the use of the pr4 distributor on a p06 ecu

check the ecu.

why did u have the head cleaned?

what does that mean? highlighted in red?

are u using a spark tester? the old screw driver and bolt trick dont always work you could be getting a very small spark. go out and buy a spark tester its only 5 to 10 bucks saves a lot of time

also any codes?

I have to use OBD0 LS distributor. For it to start the car, i have to use that choke cleaner thing to make the car turn on but would not pass 3k (almost as if its like a launch control). I turn off the car and it will not turn over unless I use the choke cleaner.

the one in red, when i take off the spark plugs, i smell fuel. I checked the injectors and replaced them. still won’t start.

i cleaned the head becuase i needed to change the headgasket. So i might as well get the head cleaned out

your not getting proper fuel

check injectors rails fpr anything fuel related

i checked the injector wires, changed the injectors , and changed my blox fpr to stock. still no start, crank crank.

Based upon your comments - fuel delivery is good, spark is good, runs on carb cleaner spray - contaminated fuel maybe?

contaminated fuel? what you mean?

i just got myself a working distrubitor so i’l be swapping it over and try itt tomorrow…i really hope its because of low spark…

Now I’m just throwing this out there and it might be a stupid suggestion but what about a bad map sensor?

i got another map sensor from a friend…same thing. rain sucks

i had this same problem after doing the head gasket in my wifes peice of shit chevy.

it would start for a sec, run like shit and die, if it started at all that is.

i could hear the pump prime, there was fuel spitting out the injectors, the spark plugs were getting spark and it had good compression.

turned out that even though it was parked on a level surface, a 1/4 of fuel meant it was empty. first time it ever did that but now we know dont ever let it get low.

so even if your guage says you have some gas if your in doubt put more.

on a side note, if your looking for a good SD local forum hit up
got a few DA’s on there including iree, lifer6 (i think he’s on here) and kid_DA

my gas is half full…ahaah

i know about sd rev. i woud go hang out but need my car running and school finals are kicking in

Have you done your valve adjustments? .006 for the intake side and .007 for the exhaust side. I had the same symptoms and that was my fix.

yea i did the valve adjustments, same thing. might have to re-adjust because its ticking when i used the choke cleaner to get it started…

Check for bad fuel. Take the gas from the cap on your fuel rail and spill it in the alley. Light a match. If it doesnt burn, your gas is garbage. If it burns then put everything back together. Put your key in the ignition on the on position three times. pull your spark plugs out and check for gas. No gas might mean your fuel pump relay is out.

well i did not check the if my fuel is bad. so far this what i’ve done now

-changed the ignitor
-fuel filter
-main fuel relay…(crx one)

all it does is just cranks…my last resort is changing the fuel pump tomorrow…

I think u need to ck your valve adjustment and distributor/ecu. I would always ck the things u took off from the beginning cause that is the source of the problem. Ck your usual timing stuff and readjust the valves. Also ck to see if the ecu is the problem. It makes it harder to diagnose when you continue to change parts that dont have any problems. If u have fuel pressure which u should, ck for spark. U only took the head off so I’m sure it’s related to adjacent components. Hope this helps u.