How high can i safely rev?

I waz just wondering, im thinking about maybe doing stage 2 skunk 2 cams, titanuim valves retainers springs and bronzed valve guides, how high can i safely rev a b16a to? i waz thinking about 9200-9500, is this a good idea? iam only 16!!! Thanxx! :slight_smile:

Dont mean to knock on you, but you need to read up more about upgrading with proper parts. Remember, just because its a popular name brand, doesnt mean its the best part to choose.

I’ve been doing this for 14 years and I see alot of people buying UNnecessary parts. Why do you need new valve guides?
and why do you need to rev up so high. You have to remember that not all cams are made to rev that high. Also, when choosing a camshaft you have to get the proper valvetrain setup for it as well.
A wilder higher lift camshaft will require different spring rate than other milder camshafts.

I did do some research, stage II cams are ment for high reving street motors!, they dont suggest taking off the rev limiter unless you upgrade valuve train, this is why i wanted to know how i will be able to safely rev?, i dont know what i need the valuve guieds for but i have read other forums on diffrent sites and it says that it is a good idea if ur building up the top end,

Bronze guides are meant for high output applications specially where stainless or other hard materials are used in the valves. they offer great heat conductivity to get the from away from the exhuast valves. In addition if there is some failure in the engine that involves the head, stock/steel guides may fracture into pieces and embed themselves in other parts creating mroe damage. Bronze/bronze blends will usually just expand.

b16 w/stg.2 skunk2 and the head goodies… i’ll take that baby to 8600 rpm max… 9grand is alot, keep it safe bro…

So i will only pick up 400 rpm from those head parts?, what can i do to take it to 9000 + ??? thanxx

geez… 9k rpm?

just buy a suzuki busa engine and take it to 13k… :rockon:

honestly, try making the power out of the RPM’s you have already man… build it up and maybe even boost it!

rev till something goes boom then u know how high u can go :shrug: someone had too lol that is all i am done:bow:

I dont wanna boost it, everyone is boosting where i live! what kinda 1/4 mile times would i be looking at with that head work and bumping up the compresstion, and venom nitrous? my friends are running 13’s-mid 14’s and a few in the 11’s

ok great. Build your engine and go all motor.

MAKE USE OF WHAT IS THERE. don’t go looking for more.

What kinda 1/4 mile times will be i looking at in a daily driver? with valuve train cams cam gears pistons and rods?

oh man…

honestly… look around this section… chances are 10 people have done what you want already…

my b16a pulls pretty hard… all the way to 8800rpm :up:

( CTR cams/ ITR valvetrain)

i thought R’s redlined at 8400? :think: why do you make power up to 8800?

you are right. When I had my ecu chipped the Mugen program seemed to be the best bet, VTEC x-over at 5800, and redline at 8800. If you look at the dyno graph for ITR/CTR cams, they make power till about 84-8500. I rarely take it past that though. :slight_smile:

oh ok cool. just curious thanks

I’m reving to 9500 rpms now… on a set of Skunk2 Stage 2 cams… and a ported head. Complete valvetrain upgrade including the valve guides. So far so good for the past 3 months. The skunk 2 stage 2 makes power to 9200rpms then starts to fall off. I’m going to change the vtec crossover to around 6000 rpms. I also have an AEBS intake manifold with the flow correction done… and bored out OEM T/B. I think in order to make max power from a set of SKS2’s you’ll have to address the intake mani and the t/b as well. The cam’s alone will not yeild max power @ 9500 rpms. Lets not forget fuel and spark.
I’m also running a MSD 6AL… for more spark… and upgraded fuel rail and fpr.
So far… I’m still on the stock injectors and fuel pump.
I’ve spoke to Dan… G2Guru, who wisely suggested I upgrade injectors and fuel pump, which will have to wait till next month. I just re-ordered a hondata s100… to replace the one that was stolen/missplaced ← so say the shop that previously worked on my car.

why do you want to rev so high? youre probably not making any power up there anyway. higher revs do NOT always equal more power. i hope you have a couple bucks to spend.

stop asking what your 1/4 times will be, because no one knows. we dont know if youre setups CR will be 8.5:1 or 12:1, how much nitrous youre going to spray, whos tuning it and what youre tuning with, there are way too many variables. no that doesnt mean post everything about youre dream setup. just build the motor and run it, and find out. have fun man, and good luck.

why do you want to rev so high? youre probably not making any power up there anyway. higher revs do NOT always equal more power. i hope you have a couple bucks to spend.

Why rev that high? because it’s fun and paired with the short geared ys1… it’s very quick up there. I don’t want to to argue regarding making power that high [lack of proof pertaining to my car], but I’m sure you can find some dyno graphs with skunk 2 stage 2’s making power to 9000 rpms. The 500 is just a window to shift so I can fall back in to the powerband, around 6300-6800 rpms. And I agree that higher revs does not always equal more power. Not always. But do you not agree that it can be done? As for the “couple bucks to spend”, I’ve aleady spent it. :worry:

hmm my stock B18CR revs to 8800 rpm, and I thought a 98 version revs to 9200rpm. So it can’t be that hard to get revs out of a b16a that has a better rod to stroke ratio. To get N/A power out of a small engine u need cams that make power up high. As with rotarys when u PP them u need to rev higher.