How much HPs??

Im planing on getting a turbo for my LS. How much hps can the block handle? im looking to push anywhere from 10-20psi

before you get flamed i am going to throw some stuff down for you…i am a noob when it comes to turbos but i have read the turbo guide several times and the guys on here are going to tell you to do that…i believe that the guide tells you to set a realistic goal and make sure your car can handle it before boosting…it also tells you to not base your goals on how much psi you want to run but how reliable you want it to be and how much money you want to spend…you could easily get 350hp boosting at 20psi with a big turbo but it wont last long at all…my suggestion is read the turbo guide do some research and figure out what you want to do…how much hp would you like…and go from there…by the way 200-250whp is a max most likely if you are going to run all stock internals and such…at least thats what i read

IBTL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Clemsonteg said it all.

You can make over 400whp on stock internals, but the question is how long it going to last.

Read the turbo guide, search on g2ic and Honda-Tech

Youll find the most information on ht, just because its all honda motors. Its all pretty much the same!

GL and SEARCH BABY :rockon:

damn that turbo guide is well made !

thank haberdasher! i think he accepts paypal :stuck_out_tongue:

I get most of my general questions about boost replyed on honda-tech. Alot of guys there that no there shit.

Haha yes. If you want to learn anything about FI. Honda-tech is the palce to be these days… can learn and find answers to everything on there and also find almsot everythnig you need too. There jsut isn’t enough FI guys on G2IC