How to Quench the Turbos Thirst?

so im looking to boost 6-8 or so psi daily driving, 15 or so when racing, and possibly 25 or so if i feel like testing my engine. ill have it sleeved, with forged internals. i was wondering about my fuel system. what size injectors should i have to allow me to run 25 safely if i ever feel crazy enough to turn up the boost that high? when i get the turbo, ill have the AEM EMS. i dont go cheap on things i do, itll just take me a lil longer to save up. any body suggest anything?

at least sieman 83#/hr or so. you can always run 'em at like 3% duty cycle if need be, but you can’t go any higher than 100%.

you are talking about injectors right? where can i get those, and how much?

check with member b18bturbo on honda-tech. if memory serves correctly he’s got excellent prices on injectors (obviously varies by size and brand).

about what size should i get?

tell him your plans, he’ll get exactly what will fit your needs. :up:

viren’s a good guy.