How to. RSX seats in DA*pics*

Ok so i picked up some rsx seats for my da. Obviously they didn’t fit. I could only mount them with two screws front inner and rear out screw.So i had these ideas on how to mount them properly Did a search and haven’t seen anyone doing this on the da. I’ve seen the dc thread about but there was no description on the how the job was done. I had these different ideas on how to weld the extentions to rsx brackets so i can mount them to the proper locatio. But even to begin with i didn’t like the way rsx seats with rsx rails sat in my car. They seemed to be sat too high.Than fintally i looked everything over and decided to swap the rails on rsx with my da. There was butchering involved so if someone doesn’t like it maybe throw better ideas. Will be happy to see them.
Anyways, i took the rails of my da seats which was pretty easy i won’t even say how since it’s pretty self explanatory.

This is the way rsx seats originally didn’t line up

I started taking apart rsx seat. Pics pretty much explain everything. There are plastic clips on the bottom of the seat that hold the skin of the seat. Pop those out and pull the foam up. Refer to pics.

Now lets start the project. Basically you have to drill out the rivots that hold the rsx seat to its frame. Those were the ones that took most of my time. The rivots took forever to come out. Few of them i grounded off and punched them out, other ones were even impossible to reach. So i had use the jig saw. Pics pretty much show what had to be done.

Once you’ve done them all on both sides, this is what the seat should look like. The riovts on the outer side were much easier to take out.

This is where more butchering comes in. You have to hammer down the end of the inner corner of the frame of the seat. This has to be done in order for the seat to sit lower. Once you done hammering it and sort of alligned the rest of the rail with it (hammer down the front of the inner rail) measure the distance from the back end of the seat. Make sure this is the same distance on the next seat you will be doing.

Next thing place the inner da rail to it and redrill the holes. Reuse the one on the front just make it bigger for the diameter of the scews you use.

At the end of the rail you will have to redrill a new hole to allign it with the hole in the frame. Once you there you will know what i mean.

Shave off this piece just a little bit for the srping on the da rail.

Drill a new hole at the end of the rail as was mentionned above.

Mount the da rail to rsx seat with the screws on each end.

On the outer side.Make the hole where the screw goes a bit bigger by stretching it with a pry bar. Takes two seconds. Mount one scew at the location that is shown on the pic.Mark the location for the second scew right next to the right of it. You see that little ear, that’s where it will go. Drill the hole. Mount the screw. Now you have rails on both sides. I actually missed the point here, you have to measure the distance for the second screw in order so your outer rail will sit on the same level with your inner rail. Just allign the two ends and mark the hole. Also when you mounted everything, make sure the base of the seat from outer rear to inner rear and outer front to inner front is the same as the base in the car.

Start putting the seat back together. The reversed procedure of what was done at the beginning. There will be two screws that won’t allign, leave those out.

Mount the seat in the car. You’re done. When you put all the plastic covers, no one sees that you butchered inside in order to make it fit. But than again if anyone has better ideas throw them in. If you have any questions or if i missed anything feel free to ask.

As to the passenger seat, it’s exactly the same idea. It was just much easier to take out the rivots as they were more accessible. Once you will take the seat apart and you have done the driver’s seat you will know what to do. Make sure you reconnect the wire on the moving mechanism, make it tight as it was on da so your seat will slide back and forward.

Those seats look comfy, more then the DA seats heh, It looks like you could have just cut off the part on the bottom and moved it over then screwed it back on or welded it.

Awesome job. Those look hot as hell, they’re too expensive though.

:bowdown: Looks like a big job. Moved to TegTips. Groove I’m gonna host the pix on the G2IC server so they don’t get lost K?

You did a awesome job. But is it only me or do those seats still sit really high?? The headrest looks like there only about 6-8" from the roof, doesnt look like much room in between the bottom of the steering wheel and the seat, and the armrest looks more like a ass-rest now.

So how do they feel sitting in them?? Is it as cramped under the steering wheel as it looks?? From the pics it looks like I would hit my knee on the wheel everytime I clutched.

You forgot to clean out the stuff from underneath your seat … like the Durex Sensi-xxxx condom package. :rofl:

:naughty: hahaha it is a condom pack… thats why he wanted the more comfortable passenger seat.


N FUL FX, thanks for making it teg tips and yea host them up.

Brian Hunter, you missed my point. I made them sit on the same level. That’s why you had to hammer down the inner part of it. They sit exactly on the same level. And the steering wheel is tilted all the way down. You can tilt it up. My arm rest was always that low. And the back support on the seat is just much higher then da seats, that’s why it has much less room between the seats and the seeling.

lmao, did you post the pic with the durex condom pack on purpose or what?

You’re the first one to notice it. Ppl on h-t noticed it right away. And no, obviously not on purpose. Refer to that thread on that board. Too lazy to type right now.

I have never been in a rsx before so I am wondering how you would compare these seats to oem as far as comfort and support? I have been trying to decide on new seats for a while now, but I just havent got around to it yet. None the less kudos to you for the swap.

They really comfortable, they give you a nice support on turns and overall they get a 10 rfom me. I don’t know why guys complain that those seats are not soft enough. I mean if you want the soft seats, you migh as well install a buick regal bench.

Looks like I will have to check them out next time im down at the dealership. I had been seriously considering itr recarros for a while, but I just cant imagine swede working out well in a daily driven car. By the way what did you say you paid for the pair?

Few updated pics. Actually got to clean my car in and out.
I’m 5 10, so this is how it looks when you’re inside.

The view from inside

With open doors.

Have you thought about selling the side airbags? They’re not doing you any good in the DA. You could probably make a fistful!

Who the hell is gonna buy them? I was gonna throw them out. I took them out of the seats BTW.