hp help

let me see what hp you guys have on what mods so i can show my srt-4 boys they arent all that big. 230+ guys lets do it

SRT-4’s would smoke most people on here. LOL.

SRT-4’s? What kinda cars are those? I never heard any car be called that. By the way, whats with the DA names? Is that what G2’s are? I’m still learning. Only had car for less then a month.

SRT-4 is the new turbo charged Neon. It’s cool. There I just taught you something new. :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, Dodge. Sorry, but personally, I hate USA domestics. I’m 100% Japan Import. Call me one sided, but its what I like :slight_smile: :gotrice:

man they are nost thats fast im 237whp and i smoke my boys srt4 by like 3 cars easy and he is not stock


I’d hit that…

My Mods:

KG Engineering B18A
WEB-CAM Stainless Steel Valves
WEB-CAM Valve Springs
STR Adjustable Cam Gears
Port & Polished
STR Cam Seal
OE Cams
OE Intake Manifold
Acura Integra GSR Throttle Body

Benson’s “Full-Metal Jacket” Ductile Iron Sleeves
9.0:1 Arias Pistons
Crower Connecting Rods
Balanced OE Crankshaft

Atomic Performance Turbo
Drag Turbo Manifold
Garrett T3/T04E Turbo
Custom 2.5" Downpipe
Tial 35mm Wastegate
Custom Intercooler and Intake Piping
Spearco Intercooler 20"x7"x3.5"
GReddy Type S Blow Off Valve

Engine Management System
A’PEXi S-AFC Digital Fuel Computer
HKS Variable Boost Controller (VBC)
GReddy Turbo Timer
Missing Link MAP Sensor Check Valve
OE Computer

Engine Monitoring
VDO Xtreme Tachometer
Autometer Oil Temperature Gauge
Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Water Temperature Gauge
Autometer Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Autometer Boost Gauge
Engine Bay Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge

Fuel Delivery System
MSD Fuel Pump
K&N Fuel Filter
RC 320cc Fuel Injectors
Vortech 10:1 Fuel Management Unit (FMU)
B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator

Cooling System
Fluidyne Radiator
Permacool 12" High Performance Electric Fan (1650cfm)
Permacool 10" Standard Electric Fan (900cfm)
Baker Precision Silicon Hoses

Oil System
Custom PCV System with Moroso Catch Can
Setrab Oil Cooler (10.25"x4.5"x1.75")
Remote Mounted Oil Filter
Aeroquip Stainless Braided Hoses
WIX 51515 Ford Mustang Oil Filter
Valvoline Racing VR-1 20w/50 Motor Oil

Exhaust System
Custom 2.5" Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent
Carsound High Flow Cat
MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Resonator
MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Straight Through Muffler

Ignition system
Crane Cams HI-6 Ignition Controller
Crane Cams LX-91 Coil
Crane Cams Distributor Cap
NGK Spark Plug Cables
NGK BCPR7E-11 Spark Plugs

Electrical System
Trunk Mounted Battery
Moroso Sealed Battery Box
Baker Precision Battery Master Shut Off Switch

Drive Train
ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate
ACT Street Clutch
B&M Racing Short Shifter
B&M Racing Aluminum Front Shifter Bushing
Prothane Polyurethane Rear Shifter Bushing
Momo Cobra Shift Knob

Suspension System
Tokico Illumina 5-Way Adjustable Shocks
Ground Control Coil-Overs
Progress Suspension Camber Kit
Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Tie Bar
Suspension Techniques Front and Rear Sway Bars
Prothane Complete Bushing Kit

Power Stop Cross Drilled Front Rotors
Power Stop Cross Drilled Rear Rotors
Axxis Ultimate Front Brake Pads
Axxis Ultimate Rear Brake Pads

Wheels and Tires
17" Racing Sparco Viper Fangs
Nitto 555 205/40/ZR17

1993 Acura Integra Front Bumper
Wings West 1993 Front Spoiler

Sound System
Pioneer Premier DEX-P98R Head Unit
240watt Power Acoustik Amp
MTX Thunder 4240 200watt Bridged Amp
Polk Audio dx3065 Component Set
12" MTX Subwoofer

230hp 210ftlbs torque, capable of more with more $, want to give me some??

Hmm so is that alot for a SRT-4? Im taking it, that that SRT-4 is really hooked up?

so what are all ur #'s

ok. so granted srt4’s are as I like to call them “Neons with intercoolers”…those motors are strong as hell. there are two in town (one yellow one black) The black one makes ~400hp and the yellow ~320hp…on completely stock motor. If you havn’t read up on how the bottom ends one these cars are built, you need to. Solid connecting rods that are broken in half to get the bearing and crank in there…solid formed webbing girdle…and with Mopar to back the upgrade horse…yikes. And keep in mind that they are a full 33% larger displacement motor…2.4L turbo. But even if I had the money I would never buy one. IT’S A DODGE. But still, very very well built car…as can be seen by the dynograph…

And oh yea…the rod/stroke ratio sucks on these cars…american manufacturers still haven’t learned. Thus why not revving over 7k…

I seem to noticed the low rev limit on american cars too. Why are they so low anyways compared to others?

we will see how the srt’s will run with my new sleeved block. on my setp now i beat stock and slightly moded ones but i give the car credit it has a great up scale in potential

Low rev limit can be caused by a few things. On the SRT-4 I believe it’s because of a R/S ratio of like 1.51 or something crappy like that…it’s .3 less than an LS motor. I haven’t looked at the bore/stroke on these motors, but if the stroke is as long as I think it is, piston speed is a real big concern. Also it could be due to poor valvetrain causing valve float at high rpm.

and xsit- you’d better boost that sleeved block to high heaven…I would

i wanna hit 350-400 whp but not daily driving:D

That 500 hp is on a stock motor>

And low redline is because they don’t have to rev high, not because they can’t. Domestic cars like to utilize this thing called torque, maybe some of you have heard of it?

Tq is all good but let me explain i have a b16 on 9psi with 237whp my boy has a str with 242whp (we dynoed the same day,i crashed a srt dyno meet):smiley: and i pull on him hard every time

i just wanna see so Honda turbo #'s :cool:

Haha, you crashed a Neon dyno meet? That rocks! :smiley:

yea i was the only honda product and put down 7hp more than their stock srts on less boost . they were like this:mad:

SRT-4 are pretty insane. Don’t judge its performance by the HP rating. I know a couple of guys who spend about 1000 max on their car, and they’re already tearing up STI and EVO. Just makes me wonder how durable the car is…

ive beat a mild built srt-4 with a completely STOCK N/A gsr, type r tranny in a hatch by almost 3 cars twice!