hp out of a turbo LS

I have a 92 ls with around 114,000 on the motor. Is that too many miles to rebuild and go turbo? I have $2500 to spend. What kind of hp and torque numbers might I expect if I put that much into rebuilding the motor and a turbo setup? I have also considered a b20vtec and adding a turbo after i swapped in the motor. Any goods or bads of doin this instead other than it will cost a lot more? Thanks for all of your help.

$2500 isn’t enough to rebuild for turbo and turbo the car without having it blow up. You might be able to get away with maybe a 5psi setup with the motor you have now and make it in under $2500, it just wont be making you a whole lot of extra power.


If you’re really set on it, just keep saving your money, it’s not easy, but its easier than breaking parts unnecessarily because it wasnt done right the 1st time.