I am...

gettin a b18b motor and the crank has been balanced, new bearings, honed, p&p head, the only problem i have is they pr3 pistons its comming with. because it will bring the CR to 11.3-1. I was planing on going turbo.

Should i keep the N/a setup, or Trubo this motor only at 4-6 lbs of boost.

id get some aftermarket 9:1 and go FI with some eagle rods just what ID do though sell the pr3 pistons and what not but thats what id do. its really up to u and how much money u wanna spend. sounds like the motor would be decent in the form ur getting it already. out of the two choices u chose their is a simple answer ride the NA setup for a while u dont like it put a hair dryer on it.