i need a base tuned and chipped ecu for my turbo setup

I finally got my turbo setup together and have everything done minus the ecu. I was wondering the best place to get one and just an overall explenation or opinios on where and what to get. No hondata simply for money reasons just a burnable chipped is what I need to get it up and running before dyno time! Thanks for any help

Or even your local tuner should be able to get you a basemap…

You tell them what motor you have, and all of the mods, and they’ll burn you a map that should ad least get the car started. Though its best to leave your WG open and to not build boost until you’re actually on the dyno.

Though they’re all just that, a basemap… they shouldn’t be driven on for long, especially when your car is boosted. A few small mistakes in the ignition tables could mean big problems for the health of your motor. Dyno ASAP!

Defenetly Xenocron has the best basemaps, get that bad boy tuned ASAP

I have a complete tuning set-up for sale in the classifieds. I used it to run eCtune.