Idle problem with BOV

I just installed a custom turbo kit over the weekend. Everything works good except my BOV. When I attach the hose from the BOV to my manifold the idle gets really lopey and then the engine dies out. When i drive the car it bogs down and if i keep it floored it starts to clear up in the higher revs. But when i come to a stop the car stalls out. If i disconnect the BOV hose it idles fine. Does it matter where you tap the BOV on the manifold or is my Blitz BOV need to be adjusted a certain way. I already tightened the screw all the way down. Any help would be appreciated…

hey I just installed a turbo on my teg, and it likes to idle at like 500 rpms when I stop…is that what yours does? mine feels like its about to die, but then it picks up at the last second. My blow off valve is about a foot from my turbo. it kinda hesitates at low rpms, but when I give it gas, it smooths out…does it sound like what you have?

I Think That You Gys Should Make Sure That You Didn’t Tap Into The Vac. Hose That Goes To The MAP Sensor. That’s The First Thing That I Would Check Considering The Symptoms That You Both Mention.

Good Luck !

umm, oops…:uhoh: what vacuum hose am I supposed to tap into?

I definitely didnt tap into the map sensor but I did tap into the throttle body hose and was told to use a different vacumn source. I used one from the top of the manifold and it seems to idle fine now.

top of the manifold? as in the front or back of it? and where does the vacuum line go to that you tapped into?