idling of 550 and higher CC

Hey i actually own 450cc and want to go around 750 for my powerl goal ( 300whp min )
I’Ve sais to myself that RC 750cc would really idle weird and waste a lot of gas.
Could anyone give me their true stories about 550cc and higher idle issue ?

If none, well, i’ve tought of engaging a second set of 450cc injector in accordance with the vtec switch. In the basemap, i would reduce by around a 2 factor the HIGH FUEL map.
My second question, where is the best place for these new injectors, still on the runner or before de throttle body (easier to install…)

well my car i was able to get to idle perfect on precision 1000cc injectors better than i got it too on dsm 450’s and i got decent gas milage on average id get around 200 km to a half tank of gas and i got more like 140 with the dsms
its all in your tuning of your air fuel ratio and how much gas you are feeding it at idle fuel tools will do wonders if ur tuning with crome

well actually i was doing it with Uberdata.
I’ve got a FPR and my 450cc are fine, im having maybe 200km half a tank, but i know i am supposed to get around 300km half a tank on highway road.

By the way, what is the effect of let say cruising at 120km/h on a 17:1 air fuel (knowing stoic is at 14.7:1)

well being that lean will give u better gas milage but u may have detonation do u have a det can or anything along those lines? the leaner u can run the car with out detonation the better the gas milage. and LEAN IS MEAN… u can make good power running a car lean but risks become greater things can go sour fast with a car running lean. i run my car and most others ive tuned at stock fuel pressure or about 48 - 50 psi some will say its a little too high but its all in what works. if you play with the fuel options u should have no problem idleing on 750cc injectors. just make sure that your timing is all correct so ur not spraying fuel at the wrong times

id just get your self a set of injectors for a honda and put em in the stock location and then tune ur idle, then low cam fuel, low cam ignition,high cam fuel and then the high cam ignition and you should be able to make a good tune on a street tune

i’m loking for some 750cc but they are $$$
thanks for the input