Im going to boost have read alot and still have some Q

Ok I have read the turbo info and im going to go with stay with the LS moter. It has 184000 miles and it does not burn oil it drinks it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but i think it has some leaks too but so on I only smoke at high rpms up around redline. So do you guys think it my just my be the head and it looks to be white smoke. my goal is 200 hp at the wheels so i guess i want to know should i just rebuild the hole thing get is sleeved and get JE 9:1:1 pistons rodes and all or can i still use stock internals in the block and rebuild the head if that is the problem. I know internals can handle around 6 psi or so but i dont think that will get me up to my goal i could just put new pistons and use the stock blook maby push 10psi if i understand right. guys any info would be great and no flaming i just want help so if you think im stupid well you do probbly no more then me thats why im asking for help thanks guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Your engine sounds like it needs some help. You can go a couple routes, rebuild, replace, etc. Personally I would look for another used engine that is in better shape then yours before attempting to snail it. With your goals you dont need to build the engine, just find yourself a solid one.

If you can do the work it shouldn’t cost you more than $500 to find a good condition used engine.

Ya i understand what your saying I have found one other moter at a junkyard with 150000 and thay want 500 thats only 30000 less then i have. so im not even looking at that i got one other place to call that i no has one all the others here dont have any or want gold for them with atleast 100000 i dont see i would just like to rebuild so theni just got a strong moter. any one else got any info thay can pass along

I can tell you that having an Engine rebuilt, by someone who knows what they are doing, will cost upwards of $2000. Not to discourage, I just happen to have had one of my tegs rebuilt by an ASE Certified shop and it cost that. In retrospect I think I could have gotten a pretty good engine for half that.

buy a b20. you can get one for less than a 1000 dollars from companies that get them shipped over from japan. they all usually have less than 40k miles on them. my turbo b20 put down 228 to the wheels with the afc hack and 8 pounds of boost.

If you are handy with a wrench (or get a manual) I would do a rebuild. I rebuilt my engine last summer and I was not a mechanic. Just do all the work you can do and take it to the shop for things you think are to hard or don’t have the tools. I brought my head in for a mill, 3 angle valve job and valve guides.(~250) I also brought the crank in and had it polished,ground and balanced.(~300). I found working on my car satisfying and I learned alot. :slight_smile: