Import Alliance - Nashville, TN - July 25-26, 2009

Who’s going?

Copied this info from another site:

Import Alliance 2009
July 25th and 26th
Nashville Super Speedway
Saturday 8a.m. - 5p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m. - 5p.m.

Nashville Super Speedway
4847-F McCreary Rd
Lebanon, TN 37090

ImportAlliance is the largest import car meet in the country. Last year we had 1900 cars in attendance over the weekend and expect attendance to grow even larger this year.

$10.00 for all weekend
$7.00 for one day

Caravans will be coming from all over the country again. I will be posting links to them on our website.

Once again we will have Local, Regional, and National meets held at our event.

Check out our new website and become a friend of ours on myspace.

There are a lot of pictures from last year on both sites. Tons and tons on the MySpace page. Your car might be in one of the pictures.

Hopefully we will meet up with the Fl boys when they roll through GA and we call head up together (last year was a flop). That’s being organized here:

I’ll be there this year. IA is the SHIT

I booked my room a couple of months ago. I’m rolling out there with alot of people from the tri state area and VA. I went to the fall me and had a good time even though it was cold. lol

from north va

lookin for people going im about to start saving for this i got a handful of homies that would go just need to find people going cause we liike to drive fast haulin ass if anyone into that kind of stuff let us kno we’ll join the line

No one i’m rolling with is driving reckless. I know there’s gotta be more people with Da’s rolling out to this, when i went to the fall meet there was only 2 other integras and a db1 there.

I was at the one last July, but I just rode with my brother in his 89 Integra. This time both of us are bringing our cars. I’ll be in a white 92 RS possibly with Volk GT-C’s (if I haven’t traded wheels again).

4 weeks away

3 weeks from today i will be in cashville tn


Hey anyone up northern ky or surrounding areas riding out to this?? jw wanna role with some others be better then alone in the big gsr… what hotels everyone grabbin ive called around to a couple lol idk i prolly wont sleep much

I am going for sure; I have been before its great.

2 weeks

im getting so exited lol

ill be at the knights inn in lebannon were u guys gonna be?

I’m staying at a friend’s house in Nashville.

I think we’re staying at the Double-Tree in downtown.

10 days untill the road trip. I’m staying out there from thursday to monday, how long is everyone else staying?

ill be riding in a assorted caravan of toyotas and hondas from atlanta, hope to see all my fellow g2 brothers up there!

I think we’re rolling down with the caravan. Not sure though. We’re heading down early Friday morning and probably leaving late Sunday.

I’m rolling in a caravan of cars from Ct, Ny, Nj, Pa, Md and Va. There should be atleast 40 cars rolling. It’s gonna be a fun trip