IN: 2 parts cars to be parted

I have 2 91 tegs (parts cars) parting any useable parts before heading to scrap yard. Any piece you see is up for grabs and most all come with any hardware neccessary. (working bulbs in map lights and dome light included)
[SIZE=5]Motor is not for sale!![SIZE=5][/SIZE]
Contact: 260-357-9934 TEXT DO NOT CALL!! I am a college student with a busy schedule, I cant be taking calls every 5 mins

Second car has dark (dark) tint windows if interested and full interior -carpet
Both cars were daily drivers when wrecked/parked
I can get more pics if neccessary
Prices = cheap as fuck I’m only doing this for the community I could care less if this stuff is crushed which it will be soon. any $ received is going toward rebuilds. I buy shells and piece together until they are fully functioning vehicles with full interiors.

Hey hows the front bumper look?

I think the one I have is scuffed up but i will check/ post pics if needed

shoot, I just realized, I need a 92 bumper, not a 91. :frowning: sorry.

How much for the rs door panels and is the other in the same condition?

10 ea? Ill shoot you some pics tomorrow herb. still herbie.beatfan@gmail ?

Yes it is

moar! for those who asked

could use the integra badge and emblem if you can remove then and there in good condition.
pm me a price to 80904 shipped

How much for door panels and handles, 91 back bumper, andaybe seats if there pretty clean. If still up for grabs.

sir- will do

ls- $15 ea with handles. which door panels? pwr or manual? PWR will not have window switches!!! (spoken for) Also seats are now taken by me as I just picked up another salvage to save sorry. Are you in clarksville near Indy? I travel there as I have family so we may be able to set something up.

how much for intake tube shipped to 74055?

Oh sorry the pwr door panles. And thats fine I don’t meed the switches. And yes sir I am in Clarksville

Need a 3rd high rear brake light and a R side front bumper lense if not cracked at all.

Near Toronto Canada L8S 3E1.

905 921 5553

need the driver side pwr window switch, how much

Getting to everybody as quickly as possible.

driverside window switch sold

window motors and tracks pending

pwr door panels and 1 rear bumper pending

coolant resivoir pending

integra badge pending

saturday is earliest I can pull/ship any more parts

ls- will sunday work to meet up for panels (w handles) and bumper? Thats 15 ea + 20 for clean bumper + 20 to partially cover gas. sound ok?

what would you charge to ship the taillights

red and white ones

would be shipped to KS

hmu 816-730-1564

Sounds good text me when you can 502-619-3001

Bump for a great seller and smooth transaction. :up: