In memory of EVO1612.......

Well a few of you guys kno that there was a member on here that went by the name EVO1612 (ENRIQUE) that passed away on JULY 24th 2009. He was 23 years old and was just getting into the auto scene. He picked up a DB1 on January of 09 with a blown tranny and it had ben hit on the driver side. Car belonged to my cowerker who owned it for about 6 months. My coworker crashed it and then blew the tranny. He had no interest in fixing it so he told me if I wanted it. Showed it to Enrique and he loved it and bought it for $700. It was then parked for a few months while we looked for a tranny, fender, and bumper. Finnaly in June we had everything a started fixing it back up. He bought a few parts for it every now and then like a B&M short shifter, front and rear strut bars and cat back exhaust. Drove it for almost a month and then on July 24th he went after work to look at a car and for some odd reason he decided to jack it up with the factory jack. Now he always hated to use those jacks and always told me not to use them because they were unsafe. Enrique was a 300lb guy and had to raise that jack really high. The jack then slipped and car fell on him. He sufficated under there because the car fell on his chest. We both have many tools and a 3 ton hydraulic jack that he knew he could borrow at anytime. All he had to do was come over ask my family to open the garage ad take whatever he wanted. Or he could have called me and asked me to come over or something, but he didnt. Worst feeling you can have is for someone to call you and tell you your friend or family member has passed.

I knew him for about 9 years and I have never met anyone like him. He never drank, smoked or even cursed in his life. Worst word I ever heard from his mouth was ASS thats it. I always spoke to him everyday saw him every weekend and whenever I had to work on any car he was always there. Hes the type of person that would put you before himself. He was my sons GODFATHER and like a brother to me. About a month ago I bought his car from his family and will start building it soon, hopefully by spring when my car is done. SO fellas do yourself a favor and dont take them for granted. youll never know what can happen one minute later.

Well heres his car:

92 DB1 LS
5 Speed
Dual bend B&M SS
Front and Rear Upper Strut bars
MINT interior
Optional armrest
Blacked out JDM 1PCS
Rewired fogs
35% tints all around
Fidanza Lighthweigh flywheel
Working A/C

What I have so far:
94 Integra bumper light sockets (PARKING LIGHT TRICK)
JDM sidemarkers
A few other things i cant remember


New Rad support
New rear bumper
New rear body filler
New DR side trailing arm
LS/V Turbo
LIp kit all around
JDP or Optional rear spoiler
Paint (Pearl white)
SIs (d.ont like SIs on G2s but he wanted a them)

Well heres some pics lmk what ya think. Rims arent matching because I neded them for my car for the mean time. Also car isnt being driven so im not too worried about it right now. Also nees some body work so bear with me.

Heres my car

Heres where they sleep at night

This is what Enrique and I bought my son for his birthday. My sons birthday was JULY 29th. Five days before Enrique passed away and he loved my son alot.

Notice the cup holders, working dash lights and NAV ( NAV doesnt work)

F/M radio with MP3 Jack.

20" wheels with Brembos. LOL

Well thats it guys. Its going to be a slow build but it will get built. I promise you guys that.

Hay man,sorry for your loss. Just remember that he will always be is your heart. I know he will be happy to know your going to fix up his baby. Hope every thing works out for the best. GL

Thanxx man. Yea its hard cuz I spoke to the kid everyday so its gonna take some time to get used to it.

I know the feeling. Just think about all the good times you and him had and know he is in a better place now. My heart go’s out to you. Stay strong.

This is a great way to remember your friend! :up: Let me know if you need anything else or have any questions man :rockon:

Edit: That Viper is sick! I wish I had one of those when I was young

hang onto those license plate bumper plugs with your life.

sorry for your loss, he’d be proud to know you took over his work

Thanxx fellas. Im trying to fix it up little by little. Only trying to keep it stock for the moment for winter. Once summer begins ill start lowering it, lip kit, etc.

Yea the Vipers nice. He only drove it once maybe. Hes scared of it we got it for him because we didnt have any when we were young.

Hey man your buddy was on his way to build a clean DB1 too bad he didnt get to finish. However I’m sure you will do it how he would of liked it. Good luck.

Never ever get under a car w/o jack stand! :sad:

im sorry dude my blessings to you guys. its always been a fear of mine sliding under my car its lowered so even though im skinny theres no hope. be safe guys:sad:

This is very sad. I have always trusted those jacks, and im kinda big (230ish) so they have to go up pretty high for me to. I will buy jack stands after this thou.

Im glad to see your building the car for him. I dont have any friends like the one you described, but losing the friends i do have would be rough.

And i hope the side markers i sold you get put to good use.:slight_smile:

Those jacks do suck. I almost had one fall on me the other day. Ill never use them again.

Sorry to hear about the loss. He sounded like a great guy. R.I.P.

Thanxx guys for all your kind words.

Yea its sad to see someone so good like he was leave you without any warnings. sick_da I did the amber paint on the sidemarkers I got from you and look great. Ill post some pics soon and theyll be going on his car soon. Dont trust those jack fellas. Actually dont trust any jacks use jack stands. Funny thing was the following day I had to work on my moms car. Had no othr choice since her van had no brakes at all. Anyways im jacking her car up in a good place where i always jack her car from. All of a sudden the jack slips out and the car falls. I wasnt under there I was just jacking it up and after that happened I thought about it and saw it as a way of him telling me to be carefull. I dont know how it slipped out I made sure it was sitting right and that there was no chance of it slipping off. That I thought was freaky.

Your boy is looking out for you :slight_smile:

sry for ya loss ma dude ive lost like 3 of ma nike boys dis summer i keep ma boys funeral service card inma jacket wen i ride . sry for ur loss but i got u u need suttin hit me up we can help each other on our builds ima paint mines so we not twins no more lol but u forgot bout the window visors o wait they gon go on mine wen i get the cash

Lol na visors are deffinetly not goin nowhere. Theyll hopefully be on the car this weekend. Now that the car is in the garage i feel safe about leaving them on. I have the funeral card service from his funeral in my car all the time.

yeah well u know who got first dibbs on them if u redecide to get rid of em now idk wether to throw da ls rims on the db o the da decisions lol n yeah his card is inma pocket on the inside over my heart wasnt close to him like ur boy but he was ma peoples n was the type to help n e one out.
yo tell me y i go outside to grab suttin n i c ma baby moms window smashed in im so heated off topic but just thaught id tell u lol

sorry for your loss, getting under a car with those scissor jacks is a death trap. the base is just way too small to be stable. You could probably push the car over with your hands.

good luck with the build.

very sorry for your lost:sad::sad: may he R.I.P