Info on LS/Vtec Turbo on JDM B18b

Hey eveyone… Please bare with me because im not at all a mechanic, however i am using this project as a learning experiance.

Ok so ive just bought a JDM B18b motor… (no tranny) and i want to do turbo no matter what… i love boost!!! but in the back of my mind Ive been thinking about doing LS/VTEC turbo. I’ve searched though as much as i can handle and still have some questions… so here they are!

  1. if i do LS/VTEC TURBO how much EXTRA engine management is needed to run properly then with JUST boost. Ive been told, when your motor is running w/ just boost NO vtec, its running one set of management perameters… then when you hit 5200 rpm (or whatever VTEC is) your management has to switch to a New set of perameters for boost WITH vtec. Anyone get what im talking about? anyone educate me on what i need to get?

  2. I know there is a guide to Turboing your integra… is there any such manuals for LS/VTEC?

  3. (opinion question) Should i just say F*** and just go boost and save myself the hassle because just boost is going to make my car MORE relyable than if it was LS/Vtec turbo? (i do want more relyability since this is my daily driver till i buy a 4X4 for the winter)

any help will be appreciated… please dont start thowing stones… as i said im a newb looking for advice and help! :clap:

VTEC is just two different cam profiles…and you should be able to control that in ONE management system.

Look into Uberdata…it cheap, feature rich and has a good support system.

Also check out Zdyne
With zdyne ls-vtec + turbo is pretty much plug and play.

I dont understand why anyone recommend ZDYNE anymore when you can do the same thing for $800 less these days… :mad:

thanks guys… let me know any other LS/Vtec notes or guides… thanks everyone!