installed 450 hard start uberdata fuel modifiers ?

hey, i know this is a very specific question but i’ve searched on pgmfi and honda-tech with no result…

i installed my 450 and chipped my ecu with the new injector value. Everything is fine exept when i start the car. It takes 3 times much cranking and it smells fuel.
I’m pretty sure i have to modify my TPS/Main/Cold enrichment… uberdata suggest me value 53, but do i have to apply it to these 3 parameters ?

i could try trial and error, but i feel i have spare time tonit !!

depending on the version, the fuel modifiers don’t work.

yeah you’ll apply that value to TPS/cold/main enrich. I use 440cc injectors and my value is 55 so all 3 are 55. try that to see if that fixes your Prob.

ok i fixed my COLD enrich to 53 only.
This solved my problem !
any idea of what are the MAIN and TPS ?
actually, any user guide of this program !?

Main and TPS will be the same as cold

Check this out!! I would direct you Keebler website but I don’t have it, someone, anyone chris help!!!

hehe i just reread it, it’s been a while i haven’t take a look at it.
OK i’m all set now, thank you

oh and while im here, how does the O2 sensor react on the car ?
i’m sure its still using the basemap, but how is the O2 sensor correcting the values ?
is it still posible to run close loop with a turbo ?

i believe most people run open loop with turbo. closed loop the o2 is always gonna try to make you run stoich. it was giving me a huge pain in the ass when tuning, then i just disabled it and tuned from there. if you tune your vacuum columns well enough, you dont even need the o2. i get about 25mpg on my boosted ls, and thats with my 550’s pissing fuel all the time cause i cant keep the pedal off the floor

good then, i have a wideband so i have plenty of time to tune it in the vacuum portion while im still waiting for my turbo manifold.

but i beleive the o2 sensor stop doing his job at some % of the TPS because it would harm the engine at WOT or low vacuum (0 psi)
am i righ? if so, what is this % value ?