Installing boost gauge

Are boost gauges electrical or mechanical? Where do they get the reading from? How do you hook them up? Also can you have and oil pressure gauge even though you have to place where it gets the reading from used by the oil line for the turbo?

boost gauges tend to be mechanical

on the back of the b18a intake manifold on the driverside you’ll find 2 small nipples that are perfect for running the BOV, boost gauge, and FMU. I have a vacuum line going from one of the nipples to the BOV, there is a T in the line with a small piece of vacuum tubing coming off the extra arm of the T, I pushed the nylon boost gauge line into the vacuum line and secured it with some zip ties. here’s a pic

Yes you can have an oil pressure gauge, you put a T into the port in the block and run the turbo feed and pressure gauge off the T.

nice picture.:stuck_out_tongue:

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nice picture.:stuck_out_tongue:

I used my antique digital camera :crazy: :smiley:

i bet its the same as mine. i couldnt get that thing to focus on the 42 imprint on the housing on my pump. or the exhuast fins, or the intake fins, or the STAMPED plate on it. i would post it to see if any of u turbo gurus knew what shape its somewhat in from looking at it. but my digi cam is so great that it wont focus on something so close.:roll: suprising this POS went for 700$ new.

Haberdasher , thanks for the great info. Are the nipples on the back of the intake manifold basically a vacum source and the FMU, BOV and boost gauge can all be branched off the one port? TIA