intake manifold worth it ?

anyone has any idea on how much power increase expected from an aftermarket IM ? this is an upgrade ive never hear about really…

are you using an aftermarket throttle body?

what im? best bet is a blox with 94-up tb… easy upgrade and cheap.

I noticed a pretty big gain on my LS/VTEC Turbo when I just the throttle body and then bored the Intake manifold inlet to match.

pretty big gain being enough hp to notice change on a dyno?

thats right im wondering about some specific numbers. Like 5 hp for a 150$ IM is not what im looking for. By the way ive got a spare b18 to rebuild this winter, this is why im asking this question

What about the JG edelbrock manifolds with appropriate TB on a boosted LS? Good gains, or gains that arent worth the price?


i dont think any non-vtec motor should need a victor x mani, they are bigger than you would think. great for boosted vtec motors tho. you wont see much gain at all from an intake manifold on a stock b18a. i picked up a 94 ls intake mani and tb and had the tb taper bored to 65.5mm, doubt it did a damn thing but it looks pretty. total cost was like 150ish.

I needed to get a throttle body anyway and I figured I would get a bigger one to plan ahead. I would say bang for buck, its not worth it.

all right, ill spend some more on forged internals i guess

why not spend the money on a vtec head?

this is in my plans also :naughty:

why not spend the money on a vtec head?

because ups will drop it :sad:

well not on LS motor… if you still got your ls motor just take off your old one, clean it and get aftermarket throttle body and your done…

ljoe: ups did more than drop it… they must have thrown it off a truck or somethin.

what other throttle bodies are good cheap up grades?? Isnt the H22 throttle body alot bigger than an ls or b16??

i heard. never measured one.

taking this thread back from the dead, I did the LSVTEC turbo thing and reading above does not give me a good figure what would be the best move.
RIght now for free i have a few choice, I own the B18C manifold + TB and B18A intake manifold + TB
what would be the best configuration?

put it this way…this does not apply to N/A setups…

BIGGER IS BETTER!!! Turbo+Better flow= FUN!!!

i have a skunk2 pro series 70mm IM and Skunk2 70mm TB … cost me 400 … my car is all motor wit just those mods and the gain were pretty good… according to skunk 2 the gains should be about 14whp…and should be alot more with boost