intercooler mounting question

how did yall mount it? im haviing a problem findin out how to do it. also how much cuttin did yall do to get the kit in?

i bought a pc of 1/8 by 1" aluminum at lowes. i cut strips to mount it to the frame. i also used 1" hollow metal tube spacers, to kick it front away from the hood latch support.your ic should have tabs w/ holes you can put a bolt/nut through. you can see it on the top right side in the pic.
good luck.

thank you very nice very nice…

whats the size of that intercooler?and inlet/outlet size?

Lowe’s FTW!!!

That’s a yonaka 9" FMIC. I had to cut the middle of the bumper support out so it would fit up in there and i can still bolt the sides down so my bumper doesn’t slouch.


im having problems findin somewhere to mount or make/mount brackets…

weld inyou own. Im probably about to do so with my up and coming huge FMIC. lets try mounting a 41x11x3 lol

what do you guys do with the power steering oil cooler lines?

i left mine in there. i just moved them all behind the bracket in the middle.

removed it all…

I made some funky posts to hold my intercooler up, centre bracket is still in tact. The bracket on top of the Yonaka intercooler came with the intercooler. Fabricated the posts and drill holes through the bottom radiator bracket.

Hard to see, but I also made some through-holes for the aluminum radiator bracket/holder.

^^^looks very nice. props for diy…

very nice…

how did you run your piping? its fucking kickin my ass!!! im not sure if i gotta cut up the side where the timing belt is at??? someone post pics please.

remove the windshield washer bottle, and go through the frame. a hole saw drill bit will do the job.

you don’t have to remove the windshield wiper fluid bottle. The top part disconnects, take that off and run the piping down through the hole, once it’s all set put the top part back on. This is how i’m currently running mine and did not need to cut a hole in my frame although i did have to shave a bit down so the piping can wrap around the side.

mine doesn’t go up and over, it goes straight off the turbo…
different strokes for different folks.:slight_smile:


this is the only pic i have. this is looking through the frame from the inner drivers side fenderwell.