Intercooler piping

I went to this import shop and wanted to see how much it would cost to get my turbo installed and the guy said that would be to much work to put the intercooler piping on my car and to much money. Then he said i should buy a civic because their much easy to work on then my g2, also saying that my car is heavy when i have a Rs no power anything or sunroof. so i just wanted to know how hard is it to put the piping on.

i dont think its that bad im planing on boosting mine this spring check out the guide at the top of the forum awesome write up on how to boost g2’s

its not too bad, just depends on how you clock your turbo and which way you face the cool side. i have 3" to the TB and 2 from turbo to fmic. just had to cut a portion from each side behind the bumper, and a lil of the cross member to fit dump tube and 3" down pipe. should be a problem at all. GL

Go to another shop. Its not much different than on a civic.

i will sell u my intercooler piping, IC, and blow off valve. hit me up

Really it isnt hard to do it at all. I think even an exhaust shop would do it if u asked them too, just get some mandrel bends, tack them up urself and take them to em.

how much are you selling it for because that’s my b/f email me at…because he doesnt have an email

yah grab some mandral bends and work from there…
comp…how much for ur turbo side piping?let me know


I just finished putting on my frontmount on today, the only problem I ran into was that I had to bend one of the braces for the power steering cooling line to push it away from the intercooler. Also most people switch to the 92-93 front bumper when using a front mount. Also my car’s a/c was removed a long time ago.

i heard those power steering fluid cooling lines werent really needed. there was a thread with people that cut them and looped the lines to save space upfront incase you might need it for your FMIC… if someone would be kind enough to find that thread i will be most grateful. the thread was a big discussion.

Wow…that shop is lazy. Find another shop…plain and simple.

no they arent needed. i just took the rubber line that went to the feed and put it to the exit port.

For the power steering cooling line, just loop it. here’s what I did. I had the shop mandrel bend me a 1/2" aluminum pipe:

^^^ thats retarded. i just put the hose into the metal tubing that goes to the rack. no need for strange loops. ill take a picture of mine later
here is a pic of the front without those lines. finally ready to install my shit.

^^^ that’s exactly what i did to mine…

should’ve done that instead :slight_smile: I had a few of these mandrel bend pipes thought I could put it to good use.