Interest in Custom G2 Intercooler Piping Kit?

I have a guy that may be willing to do some work for the G2 community in the IC piping department seeing as though there arent any kits out there. He would use my car as the test subject and make a small amount of ‘kits’ to fit.

There may be some fabrication required on your end, but here is what you would get:

All aluminum 2.5" piping (colder charge air temps)
Cast Tube & Fin Intercooler (just like the PWR) with Tig welded endtanks
Couplers & T-bolt clamps

He is thinking the pricing would be ~$650 for the kit or $300 for just the piping.

Would anyone be interested in something like this?

It will be a pain in the ass to find someone to make and weld aluminum flanges.

what do you mean? for BOV?

shit, that can be handled on a case by case basis…tell him which flange, it will be so…

Do you think he would make just from the intercooler charge pipe or would i have to buy all the piping, with no flange

Won’t the kit mainly be 90-91 specific as the 90-91 bumper is much diufferent when it coems to space for intercoolers? the pipping would rpetty muchb e the same but any issues with intercooler?

Piping would be the same…cutting the intercooler would be your responsibility i guess. If someone had a spare 92-93 i guess we could test fit with either mounted…

Just piping would be $300…to add a flange would be minimal at best.

~$300 for some quality piping and I’d be in!!

Aren’t there too many variables to just make a piping kit?? Like, what kind of turbo you have and which way it is facing?? What about those of us that already have a different FMIC?? I would be in if it fit my setup, IC piping is the only thing I am missing at this point…

There is no way to 100% guarantee that it would fit your setup. Also, there would be modifications that you would need to make even if it did fit your setup exactly.

This would give you good routing to where a front mount would traditionally be and route to where the turbo would traditionally be mounted. It wouldnt be hard to modify from there with a slight bit of work.

Oh, and i believe the piping would be polished as well if anyone needs to ask that.

I am using a Tyrus 6" FMIC, and my IC piping will need to go thru the framerails where the windshield fluid bottle and air intake used to be. Also, I believe I am going to mount my turbo (T3/TO4E) with the compressor side on the passenger side of the car. I may need to mount it the other way, I still haven’t fit my stuff up, but that is my intentions. I was planning on using 2.25" IC piping also, but if 2.5" won’t lag my setup too bad, I could go with that. I am interested in the kit, I was prepared to weld up my own IC pipes in SS, but I would not mind having a nice set of pipes that fit most of the car. Just my thoughts, let me know if you think what you are offering will be compatible with what I need.

but this is why he said:

There may be some fabrication required on your end

:jerkoff: well shit man, I might as well do it all myself.

My exact setup bro…and remember, these will be aluminum…10x better than SS.

My super secret plan for IC piping:

(keep in mind I’ve got the PR curb monger…I mean crossmember)

Compressor passenger side.
From compressor to intercooler: below where battery used to be
From intercooler to manifold: where airbox was- like everyone else

What makes everything work: A top-down vertical flowing intercooler.

Hit me up if you are going to go thru with this. I will be down, seeing as how we have same setup. By the way, do you have any threads here with more details on your setup and your track times?? I am very interested to see what these parts I have bought are doing for you. Thanks man.

I have only been to the track & dyno once. But I dont have either of these posted.

Would the IC setup be sort of like this? but with the in/outlets on the oppsite side…

No, thats a K20 engine… :think:

Inlet from the turbo on the Driver’s side to the FMIC…out and up through where the old intake box used to be to the TB…like most do it.

I ment just the intercooler itself, with both the inlet/outlet on one side. I thought you ment you’d run ic pipes on the passenger side, knowing how much of a pain it is to run anything on the driver side. Sort of like how the drag kit runs their pipes. I had to cut a 2.5" hole in the frame rail to run the pipes in the traditional way… but it worked out really well!