iRockTheDA9's timeline: '06-'09 da9

well, i was bored and decided to make a timeline of my car, full of pictures. From the first day i bought the car until to tonight. Which is how my car currently sits.

Sorry for the dirty car and crappy pix.
I havnt washed my car for like 2 weeks and im using a crap camera.

Hope you enjoy, positive or negative feedback welcome but not required.

current crap in my car:
skunk2 coil overs on blown shocks,
straight piping with 30" resonator, no muffler(loud as shit…)
es tuning muffler when i do put it on.

jdm 1-pc headlights,
jdm power folding mirriors,
mugen replica side skirts,
enkei racing S,
accord rear lip,
typeR style front lip,
jdp rear visor,
junkyard hatch lip,
and all sorts of crap i forget.

july 2006: the day i brought the car home. i didnt really like the car at first, but it grew on me. As you guys can see from the pictures and the time and effort i put into it.

aug. 2006: all white, green Rota J.spls

oct. 2006: painted the moldings black, no longer liked the green with the black moldings.

oct. 2006: so i picked these up, i liked them. had a nice lip.

Also picked up the typeR style lip.

dec. 2006: got rid of the silver wheels and picked up some gold supamesh.

starting jan. 2007-2008, this is what i did, in chrono-logical order.

got in a little accident at work:

got rid of the supamesh and picked up some work replicas, painted my roof black:

Painted my headlight housings black:


New lip again, broke the first one from my driveway, a week or 2 after the accident, new hood and driver side headlight.

Painted my hatch black:

finished product:

traded my work replicas +100 dollars for these enkeis.
picked up the hatch lip from the local junkyard =P love it!
also got my jdm power folding mirrors.

through out that time, i got the mugen replica side skirts, accord rear lip, went back from taking them off to putting them on.

2 pictures arent in order, oh well. too lazy to fix it.

then big gap, didnt really do much to the car until late '08 to now, only did a bunch of spray painting, like my wheels.
silver to black, to white.

these are the most recent pix.

Painted the valve cover,

then wire tucked the engine bay, took me a long time to do, since i did it with the engine in the car, so its not the BEST wire tuck, but i did try my best. it was my first time doing a tuck.

interior of the car right now:


autopower roll bars, thanks to sid from phaze2.

and just pictures of the car.
so, this year '09 between sept-nov.
i got the roll cage, extended studs for the front 2 wheels with extended lug nuts, wire tucked engine bay, painted valve cover, JDP rear visor and other small shit.

there are way more pictures, but too lazy to post them.

plans for the car, function and form type one suspension for daily driving and occasional track car, bushings, seats, and a nice clean paint job. Long run, boosting the LS.


im jsut adding to this older thread. instead of having 2 threads. but here is the more updated things of my car.

Nice work, and thanks for sharing the timeline!

I didn’t realize how many stickers you had on the car. I wouldn’t recommend the function and form crap suspension. Koni Yellow with your custom springs on sleeves is the best bet.

ive heard good things about the function and forms, nothing bad…yet…
and they have been out for a couple years.

plus they are only $630,
i know the koni yellow + gc is “the best”
as ive heard and read, but for some reason, i really want function and form. i guess its all hype.

as for the stickers, yah. i need to get rid of the “gud” stickers.
other then that i only have like 3 stickers on my car. lol
i used to have a lot more, but i grew out of that.

a lot of changes. nice. you broke your front lip again!

I like just about the whole timeline! I have been a fan of your DA since the beginning! The only thing i’m not diggin is the painted 1 Piece housings, but it doesn’t look bad. I just like the look of clean stock ones…it’s one of my pet peeves.

Nice work Karlo! Whats next?


yah, i broke that lip… sad to say
after like a month of owning the lip(3rd typer style lip), i hit a big rock at the canyons… grr

as for future plans within the up comming months are:
front/rear chamber kit(dont know what brand yet)
function and form type 1’s
1 more set of rims(buddy club sf black/yellow)
wind shield…
seat belt harness’
new seats
complete bushing kit
jdp front lip
body work and paintjob.
hoping to have all this completed by april.

then start saving up for a turbo setup.

i dig the black housings for my 1-pcs, but thats just me.
since it matches my theme,
but theres a lot that people dont like things about my car, but i dont mind.:slight_smile:


man some visors would set you off nicely…

f&f is garbage. Do some suspension research before deciding. Most coilover systems where it’s shock and coilover are garbage including people’s beloved Teins. Look into a decent shock and use your springs. That would probably be cheaper anyways.

Your car is making me debate on either going CF hood + trunk combo with JDP gears or Stock look with a lip and mask. Damn you…:hyper:

Great work so far!

thanks for the comments guys,
as for the window visors, ugh i wish i can get a hold of a set.
but if jon gets to making those visors for our cars, that would be awesome!

Hard decision huh?
white/black or have the “clean” look and go all one color.

I was never a fan of keeping my car all one color especially if the car has complete fender/door/quarter panel moldings, IF the car is white. So thats how i made the decision of making my car white/black.

But, all up to the owner.
you choose, =P


what rear fog light is that it looks different…

its a gay one, havnt actually tried getting a legit rear foglight yet.
although, i will get one, when the time comes.

lookn good
how much did you pick up the roll cage for?

picked it up for $300, super good deal!

sorry to be a newb, haha, but what year accord is that rear lip? Im really digging it

amazing what that car started as, and where it is now. Great job

thanks for the positive comments guys! :up:
alot of ups and downs with this car within those past 3 years,
vandalism, theift, break downs, etc. =[
but its worth keeping it.

as for the rear lip, its the accord 3-pc. from like the '95 something in that generation of accords. junkyard ftw.