Is screeching or locking up tyres a good thing?

My pads, rotors and MC are fairly new

I have been driving it for few months, but the guy who did the work didnt do a good job of bleeding it and pedal use to sink, so i did it mysef this weekend and now its much better, pedal is firm, car does stop like its supposed to… BUT … when i went testing, i pressed brakes hard and the wheels dont lock up or screech - now is this a good thing or bad thing? Or is it because all my 4 wheels are working properly, or do i need to do more bleeding?

I want wheels to lock up when i brake hard! Maybe i didnt press the pedal fast enough

I am assuming that my front wheels dont lock up because by the time front locks up, the rear ones does the job to compensate the braking by not allowing front to lock up.
Car does stop fine and all on time!
Is front wheels locking up necesarily a good thing?

BTW- does your cars ever locks up rear wheels?

the brakes work by turning rotational energy (of the rotor) into heat energy (transferred by the friction between the pad and rotor). If there’s no friction, there’s no energy transfer. if there’s no energy transfer, you’re not stopping.

yeah there’s a lot more to it in terms of the physics of it all, but that’s the short sweet explanation. it actually isn’t the brakes that stop the car it’s the tires. but that’s another discussion for another day. :wink:

did you read i what i asked above

I can stop good, but wheels dont lock up

well if you’d read what i posted, then this question will make perfect sense:

what’s the problem then?

why cant i lock the wheels when i brake hard suddenly?

is it because my braking system is well balanced or is it because my brake are not good enough?

Car does stop fine, but wheels dont lockup! Ofcourse i dont want wheels to lock up all the time, its just that i was testing my brakes today by pressing it really hard, or maybe i didnt press it hard enough

i did my rotors, pads, MC few months ago

i dont have ABS

you don’t want the wheels to lock up.

again i say, if lockup is bad, and your wheels aren’t locking up, what’s the problem?

(there’s something i’m trying to hint at, but you’re not getting it ;))

you know how sometimes you are about to get in an accident and you suddenly press brakes hard and then you go screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech

that is what i was trying to do (just for the sake of testing it)

but it doesnt work

MC, pads, disks, rear calipers few months old, just spent ALL DAY bleeding the entire system - pedal is firm, car does stop fine…but doesnt screech

allow me to help…what kind of tires do you have?

well both tyre and brakes are important

tyre keeps friction with road

disk keeps friction with pads on the wheels

first off, it’s tire. not tyre. you’re not in merry old england, you’re in the USA, so spell it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

second, brakes DO NOT STOP A CAR. it is the TIRES, and only the tires, which do that. they provide the actual friction between the car and the road which allows the car to stop. the brakes, as i’ve already said (and you obviously ignored, otherwise i wouldn’t be saying this) merely turn the rotational energy in the rotor into heat energy released into the atmosphere. if the rotor loses rotational energy, then yes the car will slow down. but not because of the brakes. the car slows down because as the rotational energy is dissipated in the form of heat energy, the friction between the tire and the road acts against the car’s forward inertia. if you don’t use your brakes, and just coast, your car will still stop. it just takes much longer because the rotational inertia is being dissipated much more slowly through the natural friction between the tire and the road only. brakes just convert that rotational energy more efficiently. Brakes help slow a car down, but if you were riding on just the rotors, and you slammed on the brakes, what do you think would happen?

that probably went way over your head, so i’m going to let the ones who know how to think intellectually get that statement, and the rest go play with poop or something. :shrug:

ok so you are saying that my wheels not locking up has nothing to do with the brake system, its just my tires and the road

I think if my brakes were good enough, wheels should lock up
I am not saying that wheels should always lock up…but i wanted to see wheels lock up during emergency situation,

i hear wheel lockup and screeching all the time from other cars

Okay obviously this has not seeped through your obviously thick skull, so i’ll type bigger and slower for you:














is that clear enough?

to get more technical, when you lock up, your coefficient of friction for your tires vs. the road goes right out the window, and you lose all that friction (because the tires heat up and some rubber melts off, leaving skidmarks on the road and flat spots on your tires). since all the friction goes byebye, your stopping power goes byebye too. if there’s no friction between the pad/rotor or tire/road, how can your forward momentum be reduced? IT CAN’T.

is any of this sinking in yet?

i dont care what stops the car wether its wheels, or disks or whatever
i dont care how much heat is released.

I just wanted to expeience wheel lock up (atleast slightly) when i press the pedal really hard


My brakes are probabaly good then

lock up is JdM y0!

you want lockup? get up to about 40 and yank the ebrake, then turn the wheel really hard to one side. :up:

caliquickteg: I love people like that
caliquickteg: I feel sooo much smarter after reading that

ok get new pads, new rotors, make sure the piston isnt seized and all the parts are working, get yoruself soem really good tires maek sure your brakign system is bleed properly…now go out drive really fuckign fast towards a traffic jam and slam on your brakes when its eminently too late and take your stupid ass out of this world…hey at least you will ge that nice stupid ass screetch right before you die!

Have a nice day ass clown! :-*


now now jean…be nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Armed Ferret-

i know wheel lockup is BAD

That is why some dumbass invented ABS

If i am aware that my wheels do lock up, then i will never press the pedal hard enough that would cause it to lock up !!

I am just testing my brakes thats all

i can get mine to lockup if i get on em really hard, but as mark stated… there is no reason to and its not exactly good…