Is this to Big!!!

Would a SC61 Percision .63/.76 gt35e wheel be to big for a stock LS with 130,000 miles. Pics below I just purchased it from a friend who said I should try it out what do you guys think!!

hey one word… BOOM!!! :lol: i do not even think it will be able to spool it up

It’s too big, don’t even bother.

Yeah well no big loss I only paid $100 for it and who knows i might just stick it on to see what happens it will be loads of lag but loads of power too I hope :burnout:

You got that for $100? Just sell it for more, and select a turbo that is more fitting.

eh, ionno, me and a friend of mine just put his on his b18c1…it’s bored out to 2.0L w/ 9.4:1 c/r pistons and it spools up pretty fast and doesn’t lag much if at all. for his motor it’s not too big at all, perfect combo in my opinion, but i’m not sure for your motor :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I could just bore out my motor to 2.0L and leave it at that then see what happens!!

he’s gotta be sleeved or something?

:stare: :bowdown: :shrug:

if you aren’t going to use it i would more then happy to take it off your hands. let me know how much you want for it. e-mail me at that turbo is what i am looking for. It spools up really late compared to t25 and t3/t4, but when boost hits, it hits . I have seen dynos of that turbo and the power shoots up. I hear if you WOT it in third, it will still spin the tires.

If it did work im sure you could suck that cat into it…LOL :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

maaaaybe by endyne :wink: heh, yea didn’t mention that. but yea that fucking turbo is sick. if you have an engine that can handle it…it’s fucking amazing.

yeah, thats alittle to big for a stock b18. dont you have a laser to? try it out on that.

BTW: nice fucking price man.

Well i think i’m gonna keep it seeing as how it is said to give a dramatic power increase, and I do need to start saving up some money to get a serious project going i’ll keep u guys posted!!

to put it simply…it’s not made for a stock engine.


brother is running that…actually the GT30 and i personally think it takes forever to spool on his lsvtec. get a 54 trim t3t4 or something, you’ll be much happier