JDM Glove box

Does anyone know where i can find myself this JDM glove box? only alter it to fit our usdm tegs? I THINK ITS SWEET!

OoOOo yeah so hot!

I would like more info on this as well. That would be sweet to have a little more storage.

I would think it would have to go uder the driver side on the usdm tegs. They way the mounting holes are and such. Unless the mounting holes are exact same on both sides of the panel on the usdm tegs.

Also you would probably have to ditch the metal piece behind the panel.

:werd: thanks to the DOT we have an extra bar across that area so the second glove box wasn’t inplemented into our tegs. we always get screwed about the cool stuff from japan, europe and australia. :mad:

until of course, something were to happen and the bar would becme useful?

i have one and eveything from the dash out of my 90 XSi front clip if anyone wants to buy it and try it out

USDM = paper box

JDM = paper box, glovebox, and centerconsole storage.

i realize that the moulding is reversed
BUT !!! since so many people want this thing i know a good plastics fabricator. I"ll see what he can do

that glove box is out of a gen 3 JDM integra. my friend has a gen 2 jdm integra and his glove box looks nothing like that. his is a 93 so they might of changed i duno. but i wouldnt have any idea on the switching of them.

Nope that’s a G2… every JDM g2 I’ve seen ahs the glovebox like that.

i doubt your friend has a jdm

k just so u know in japan G3 started in 93 not 94 like over here so thats why it looks different.

yep he’s right. it looks different because you friends JDm 93 integra is a DC G3… and if you say it’s for sure a 93 and real JDM. then it’s not real JDM. :stuck_out_tongue:

my bad i forgot that the gen 2 and gen 3s look the same…he does have a gen 3.

Look damnit, answer your phone sometimes and we can make it work in your teg.


Hey Guys!

I think those are standard on JDM tegs. All the ones I’ve seen here in Jamaica have both… mine is a '90 ZXi (equivalent to your LS I think) and it has both, standard.

yes, we know that… he just wanted to know where he could find one so he could put it on his… Unfortunately we USDM owners have a metal piece behind that area because of the DOT that prevents us from fitting that box in there.