just got valve adjustment on my 91 integra and still here clicking need help

alright guys so i just swapped a 92 ls motor in my 91 and kept it obd0 all my timing is lined up correctly also so i just got the valve adjustment done to spec at .006 intake and .007 exhaust and i still here a clicking noise the motor has bout 120k so need help asap. i also just uploaded a video of how it sounds not sure how long till youtube posts it up but its titled 91 integra still clicking.

How did you determine it is your valves clicking? The clicking is likely not your valve adjustment, more than likely your injectors. Injector click is very common on our cars in addition it does not cause or lead to any further problems beyond the noise.

also low oil will cause valves to sound louder on any car. Check it if you haven’t.

i didnt know that. why do they click?

yeah my oil level is fine how can i check if its my injectors r clicking

also my video is up already “91 integra still clicking” if you guys can check it out you can hear the noise as i give it a little gas thanks for your replys and help.

they click bcz of the pintle everytime it hits when it open and closes spraying fuel into the cylinder(pulse width)…look up a diagram of a fuel injector youll understand…

so were you able to take a look at the video if so then its just the injectors

Take a long screw driver. Put the tip on an injector and put your ear on the handle you’ll hear the clicking in the screw driver if its the injectors. Its just like a stethoscope

I just watched the video and can totally understand why thats bothering you…i was annoyed just with listening to it for the length of the video.

i just figured out that the mechanic who did my valve adjustment didnt do it right so imma adjust them myself so does anyone know what the specs should be at on a 92 ls motor.

Ive read that a proper valve adjustment requires a proper cool down before proceding. I think its 3+ hours for cool down. Ask the mech if he did that. Im sure thermal expansion has alot to do with those tolerances.


lost motion assembly worn? i know vtec bseries motors are infamous with it , thus it causes an annoying clicking sound, iono if it’s the same for nonvtec motors its a suggestion for ya

LMA are only found in Vtec motors

OP, if you have a stock hood on your car. these numbers should be on the information sticker.

Intake 0.08-0.12 mm(0.003-0.005 in)
exhaust 0.16-0.20 mm(0.006-0.008 in)

aight thanks im going to adjust them this thursday and the mechanic didnt even let it cool down he did it when the motor was already warm

a valve adjustment can be done when its even if hasn’t cooled down completely, which most prefer is like 3-4 hrs, but it can still be done if the car has only cooled down for an hour or two. but if so, the clearances have to be placed on the higher end of scale. it depends on the tech working on the car and depends on how long he/she is willing to wait to do the valve adjustment.

well i have the right now the specs set to .004 intake and .006 exhaust i just did the adjustment the other day and it still clicks so can you let me know what other specs i can set them to.thanks for the help guys.

i havnt had to do adjustment on my da so not shaw about how common it is ect ect but check your valve guides they may be worn also i know injector noise can be annoying but its a good sign if your injectors click its when they stop clicking you have to worry

well i have my intake set to .004 and my exhaust set to .006 is there any other specs that i can set them to can you let me know

alright guys i looked under the hood and for the valve lash it says intake 0.17+2mm and exhaust 0.19+2mm whats the (+) mean please need help asap so i can redo my adjustment.