Lookin 4 turbo

I have been looking around for a turbo kit for my teg. I have done no bullet proofing yet but I have heard that you can run 9psi on stock. Is this true?

I have about 7gees to throw down on a kit, any ideas on what to get and where to get it?

I have heard that 8psi is the most on stock, 6psi to be safe.

These are the kits I have found for our cars. This list was at http://integra.vtec.net/turbo/kits.html . I’m not sure what to go with so any opinions or experinces about these kits would be helpful. Sorry about the long post. :slight_smile:

Dynamic Design
20833 Roscoe Blvd.
Canoga Park, CA 91306
(818) 998-4000 Tel.
(818) 998-4010 Fax

Revhard kits
Stage: 2C
Use: Street/Track
Part #: RH18ITC
MSRP: $3,799.99
Boost Level: 9psi
Injector Size: Stock
Horsepower/Torque: +120 / 285 ft/lbs

Rev Hard Cast Steel Tubular(no AC)
optional Cast Iron Manifold(w/ AC)
Rev Hard T3/T04E Hybrid Turbo
Rev Hard 2C Intercooler
Deltagate (9-12psi)
Vortec Blow Off Valve
2.5" Aluminum Charge Pipe
2.5" Downpipe
2.25" Aluminzed Mandrel Bent Piping
Progressive Type Fuel Regulator
High Volume Fuel Pump
Purosil Hoses & Clamps
Steel Braided -3 Oil Line
Oil Return Line
High Pressure Fuel Line
High Pressure Silicon Hose
Neccessary Vacuum Tee’s
Neccessary Vacuum Lines

Drag Competition Products,

List Price:
$3995 for the 2nd generation Integra

Garret T3/T4
Custom downpipe
Autometer boost gauge
Custom tubular manifold
High flow Bosch fuel pump
Chrome intercooler and turbo piping
Boost dependent fuel pressure regulator
Turbonetics Deltagate wastegate
HKS sequential blow-off valve
All necessary plumbing
Front mount intercooler
Check valves

RD Racing,
Stage 1: $2595

Turbonetics T3
External wastegate
VDO Boost gauge
Vortech inline fuel-pump
Boost-index fuel-pressure regulator
Mandrel-bent powder-coated intake
Front-mount intercooler (16"x5"x3")
Illustrated instruction manual
2.5 inch downpipe HKS
Standard blowoff valve
All necessary plumbing
Turbo manifold
Check valves

Stage 2: $3295
Adds to stage 1:

4-1exhaust manifold (header)
Larger intercooler: 20x8x3.5
HKS Sequential bypass valve
Turbonetics T04e Turbo (similar to T3/T4)

ForceMax (F-Max)
List Price: ~$4500

High-Carbon Cast-steel Turbo Manifold
Closed-Loop Mandrel-bend downpipe
Intake & Intercooler Piping
T3/T4 Hybrid Turbocharger
Deltagate External Wastegate
Intercooler (3.5"x 7.8"x 20")
Air Filter
HKS Racing Bypass Valve
Additional Injectors
Fmax Additional Injector Controller
MSD-Boost Timing Master

The O.E. Shop, (305)-994-9913
$1850.00 complete with shipping anywhere in continental US.

Turbo manifold (header type)
T25 Turbo (brand-new AiResearch)
All Plumbing
Additional injector controller (relay-type), and additional injector
Mount for additional injector in intake pipe
All hoses for oil (steel braided)/coolant for turbo
All clamps, screws, nuts etc…
HKS blowoff valve
HKS Boost Gauge
Extra Inline fuel pump
K&N Cone type Air Filter
Complete color detailed instructions…8hr approx. install time with hand tools
Technical Support 7days a week

I hate to be a cheapo, but… What’s the deal with that last one from the O.E. Shop? Is it worth looking into? Is it so cheap because it doesn’t use name brand stuff?

Originally posted by whiteyg2RS
I hate to be a cheapo, but… What’s the deal with that last one from the O.E. Shop? Is it worth looking into? Is it so cheap because it doesn’t use name brand stuff?

I believe it’s because of the lack of a turbo intercooler, oil cooler, additional plumbing for both, and the T25 is smaller than the T4/T3 (I think). Hence, fast spool-up, but less power potential.



a t25 is smaller then a t3/t4 but on a 1.8L motor, a t25 would be fine. especially at the low boost levels everyone would be running. Oil cooler isnt necessary, but its a nice to have. lack of intercooler is bad though.

They call it Ballistic and the O.E. shop is the dealer. I have never heard of them before. I would have to belive the same as Formz TSi as far as the parts not in the kit and the turbo size.