looking to buy this turbo, need to know if it'll work

This is the description of it…this is what the guy said about it.

Garrett AiResearch T3 Turbo from a 85 Nissan 300zx Turbo. I bought this turbo for a custom project but the car was sold before I had a chance to install it. This turbo is in excellent condition, and was pulled from a low mileage Z31 with rear end damage. This turbo sat in my garage for about a year. This T3 has No shaft play, turbo is very clean and the shafts spin freely. I believe it is Oil and water cooled, and it has a T3 Flange. I believe this is a direct upgrade for the newer Z31 (88-89) which uses a Smaller T25 instead of this big T3, but please do your own research.

This Turbo Is missing one of its Oil/water Feed Flanges, which should be easy to replace, you can see which one in the pictures. Includes everything pictured: Turbo, Turbo elbow, Waste gate, O2 sensor, J-pipe, stock oil/water lines, and anything else that I may have forgotten to list but is pictured

I was wondering if it’ll work on a LS engine 92 integra any info would be helpful need to get any idea within 3 hrs thanks.

where are you getting this from…ebay? its not a good idea to buy turbos secondhand especially over the internet, because this screwball could think theres nothing wrong, then you get it and youre screwed, also he may know for a fact the turbo is fucked and now is just trying to get a couple of bucks for his paperweight.

and yes a T3 is a nice turbo for a stock LS, do some research.


What are some of the things that could be wrong with it…examples?

-cracked houseing
-bad shaft play
-broken fins
-could be siezed up

lots of things could be wrong

read the book… Maximum Boost… By: Corky Bell

it will help you understand the concepts of turbochagers and all things associated with boosting a car