loudest vtec

This may have been already posted but i didnt find it so here ya go,
Loudest vtec iv heard ever


that shit is loud

um sounds pretty normal. I think my b17 crossover is just as loud. And due to it being in a garage probably makes it sound louder.

I have to agree, my b16 is just as loud

Stock type R? Wasn’t that big of a deal.


A little video my friends put together, check out Brandon’s car on the dyno at about 2:30. Stock ITR motor that’s louder than this one.



Love that shit man.

very very nice indeed!

:drool: Love that sound as well. If you hear Hayden’s (Slick92GS-R) crossover, it’s louder than that! I heard that the B17’s are louder than the B18C’s though.

Its sounds really solid, but my B18C1 sounds just as loud if not louder. Hmm. The crossover makes the most significant sound ever. I’ve pulled up on people and they backed off simply because of the crossover sound.

^^^ your C1 has a loud VTEC crossover?

You cant even hear mine, but the second butterfly @ 6k is a different story.


is a LOUD VTEC crossover. :bow:

you just busted a nut. TRUST ME, you did.

I hear JUN3s on a regular basis, so my semen stayed in its natural habitat. Sorry to disappoint.

Lots of engine pitch in that video.

Damn… yall think thats loud? I wish i could of posted a video of my cross over on the dyno, 10x louder that that. I used to have this video of a stock bottom end b16 with jun stage 3 cams on the dyno. vtec is ears deafening!

Am I the only one here that thinks abrupt VTEC engagement is a BAD thing?

There’s something definately wrong with your car if your VTEC engagement is 900 dB. I think fighter jets are somewhere in the 140 range?

You know I never thought about that. :think:

Yeah, Its pretty loud. Stock as a rock too. I have the same thing happening with the butterflies too.

VSR, Another way to really hear your VTEC pop off is to take off the axle back exhaust. Then you’ll really hear the crossover, especially for a B18C1.

i took out my intake resonator on my b17a1 and its alot louder then my neighbors b18c1with an intake? i love the way mine sounds.

Now that’s loud…

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At 0:26…


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