it has been awhile since i have been on this board… had to sell my 2nd gen 2 yearsa go so i could keep my son from the ex. now im back at it, i just have forgotton alot since, wanting to build a ls vtec turbo. i have the ls block it has the stock crank pr3 pistons and i have a gsr tranny. so i guess im asking what would be the best set up for this, head, pistons things like that. im wanting to push around 300hp daily driver. sorry for such a noob question i just havnt been around the seen for awhile thanks for the help

300 hp with a turbo is not an unrealistic goal. what is your budget?

well this isgoing to take me awhile to build. with that siad ill spend what it takes to get done right, and be reliable

well, 300hp you can do with stock internals, but will last maybe 50k before a rebuild is needed. if you want to do it right for a later maybe 4, 500 hp, get it sleeved. otherwise, just get it machined to make sure everything is straight, eagle rods, cp pistons, arp rod cap bolts and head studs, and a stock b16 head will get you there fine. they make conversing head pins so you don’t even have to get the holes bored anymore. all you’ll have to do is tap the spot for the vtec oil line and if you want a knock sensor, find a good spot for it and get the bored. you can get this done to hole 300 hp for 1500 if you do it yourself (includes machine shop for block work)

it seems like the block as been rebuilt already so if that’s the case. its time to choose a turbo for your set up. a T3/T4 60trim will be more then enough for your goals. U will need to get it tuned so find a tuner near you and see what he tunes.

arp rod bolts are needed if u plan on reving it high if not stock will do but the head studs u have no choice u need them just get a golden eagle vtec conversion kit

thanks for the help guys. :up: just one more thing y use a b16 head insted of a gsr head?

only reason to use the b16 is for the lower comp it will give u over the gsr head

^^nothing some lower compression pistons will take care of.

I’m doing the same but 9-1 pistons yield about 9-5 with a b16 head I believe. Correct me if I am wrong but this is what i found out when I built mine.

thanks guys. u guys r a big help:rockon: