MA.CT.RI - Southern New England 2010 Summer Meet




Hell yea I’m down. I was gonna set one up cause I’ve been anxious to see some tegs soon.

Im in

Where will this one be? I might make the drive again.

wen and were im down

I am definitely down! Where and when?


Where, is up for discussion. Last time it was at Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA. We often have it at Colt State Park, or Goddard Park in RI.

Any suggestions this time around guys?

Wats up fellaz im most def coming thru but Ill be rollin only with the rs coupe cus im in the process of selling my db1. Goddard park sounds good to me. If u want try to get a date and ill go down and reserve a spot for us I think it like $5. Just let me know

The only problem with reserving a spot is we cant fit all the cars at one site. Are there any picnic sites next to a field or something?

Well two spot next to each other can be reserved for the room but lets hear some other ideas. And if any thing at the exit side of goddard all the way in the back there is a huge field you don’t have to reserve I had my birthday there and there was no problem goldenls can vouche on that. But its first come first serve so someone would have to be there around 11-12noon. Lmk

That’s not a bad idea. Are there any grills or tables near the field?

you know i’m in just need to know when and where so i can request the day off from work.

Just found this clean RS on craigslist if anyone is looking.

Damn im kinda jealous that rs look really good. But ne ways no there are no benches or grills. Someone would have to bring one.

[QUOTE=Eric48;2160098]Just found this clean RS on craigslist if anyone is looking.[/QUOTE]

What are you waiting for Eric … that’s all you …
Although, you will be stuck w/ RED!

This sounds good im in

I can make it this time, no more school crap to worry about! But I’ll be rolling in my boosted type-s since the Tegs in retirement

[QUOTE=Eric48;2160098]Just found this clean RS on craigslist if anyone is looking.[/QUOTE]

it is clean kid is an idiot tho
All Fluids Changed Recently= Brake fluid, Clutch fluid, Transmission fluid, Motor Oil, Antifreeze

when did we get clutch fluid?

Im down if my db1 is still running

Dude, UNretire it! There arent many better excuses to pull your DA out of storage than a G2 meet.

So, saturday the 7th or sunday the 8th good for any of you guys? Anybody wanna do something different? Night meet? Hit an ice cream spot or something? I’m up for ideas.