Map sensor???

Kinda in a bind, finally got my car done. Fired it up yesterday and got a code 21 VTEC spool solenoid valve. But the problem is its not taking gas. The only way it will rev past idle is if I tap the gas. Whenever it gets warm wont even idle. I’m thinking its a problem with the map sensor but need some opinions.
The setup consist of
SRP 8.8.1 81 mm pistons
Eagle rods
Skunk2 pro1’s
Skunk2 pro springs and retainers
Skunk2 pro series intake
RC 550cc injectors
Xenocron GM 3 bar map
Drag manifold
Garret T3/T04E .57 trim

If there’s any way you can help me out it would be apperciated.

I would say bump but it wont do any good. Some of the people on here will try and help but the rest is just waiting on someone to mess up on there grammar.

What are you tuned with? Sounds like it may be the tps, check your voltage and see if it is operating correctly.

:shrug:You may also want to look at the the idle air screw.

this isn’t a way to fix it but an easy way to test it…

try putting a stock map back on just to see if it idles ok and to see how the throttle response is. its not like you’re gonna hit anything near or over 10psi sitting still, other than that i am clueless, electronics diagnosing isn’t quite my thing. hope it helps