Maxrev kit, finally boosted!

My previous setup on a '91 b18a motor (yes I have a 92 DA, don’t ask):
—aem cai
—Tanabe Hyper Medallion exhaust
—everything else stock

= 118 hp, 118 lb/ft. torque at the wheels

My new setup:

—Maxrev kit
—t3/t04e, 57 trim, 63 a/r
—Tial 35mm wastegate set at 6.5 psi
—440 cc injectors
—Hondata s200
—walbro 255lph

= 192 hp, 173 lb/ft. of torque at the wheels

Props to…
Ralphy at DRT in Queens, NYC for tuning (cool guys), Tcoupe351 (honda-tech member) for ¥¥¥¥ing me put the kit in (correction, he put a lot of the kit in ), and of course, honda-tech.

I’ve got a couple more little quirks to work out, but she drives like stock, off boost.

I’ll get pics soon!

Sweet, it’s nice to see more turbo guys. Do you have an intercooler? If you do, could you take some speacial pics of that?

That cool you went from loosing 12hp to gaining 62.but

I think you need some more tuning, they say with the bolt on drag kit you should gain around 100hp. With the hondata you have more tuning ability

But I am not sure you have an intercooler or not.

Where’d you get 62 hp? 192 minus 118 is 75 hp.

I do have an intercooler, but my exhaust is only 60mm (2.36 inches). Also, the cat is 2.0 inch (supposedly higher flowing, but I doubt it, it was cheap) so their’s a bottle neck too. I also asked him to keep the tune conservative, thus a little rich because I drive a lot miles daily. That’s my logic, but you could be right. In the future I might do a whole 3 inch setup, downpipe to catback, build the motor, and up the boost. However, that’ll be a looooong way from now as I have a baby on the way soon :clap:.

130stock - 12 =118hp
130stock - 192= 62hp

I figured since you took off the cai and exhaust (or changed)you put on you gained 12 so you were back to your 130.

130 + 62 = 192 I was just thinking over stock. You can get a few more pounds out of that setup. But I understand what your talking about. good luck

The 118 and the 192 are both measured at the wheels. Anyway, I think I’ll try a few more pounds:naughty:

hey, did you resleeve or get New pistons or anything? what kinda FMS u got

Nope, stock block. I have the Hondata s200.

how much was the s200? hows she running, whats ur CR

do u worry about crackin ur sleeves?